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For any business owner, the key question is how do you attract more customers? Is the secret splurging your entire budget on marketing and advertising? Perhaps it’s relying on word of mouth and letting your business’ actions speak for themselves? Or is it doing the absolute best you possibly can by your customers?

It’s a combination of all of the above, but you already knew that, of course. When it comes to the daunting task of attracting more customers, you need to get your business out there and serve the customers you do attract to the absolute best of your ability. It goes without saying that when you are servicing your customers, you need to make them feel like a king or queen.

Make Them Comfortable

If you operate in the business of hospitality, whether you own a restaurant, bar, café or something along those lines, the customer must feel comfortable. They must feel as though they are in a safe environment in order to convince them to become a returning customer, as that will be the foundation on which your business sinks or swims.

Touches such as relaxed seating, commercial planters and complimentary items go a long way in the customer’s eye to making them feel welcome. On top of that, staff have to be on top of their game with each and every customer. That means if you can think of one or two faces that don’t always go the extra mile for the customer currently part of your team, you need to look into improving their performance before more drastic action is required.

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Don’t overdo it, though, because as much as the customer wants to be waited on, they don’t want to feel pestered. It is a fine line and one that can easily be crossed, but experienced staff that are comfortable with meeting and greeting new people on a daily basis are exceptional at ensuring this never happens.

Have a Clear Vision of What Your Business is

Many customers are put off simply because the business does not know what they are or what they aspire to be. With no clear vision in place, customers can easily become confused as to what they are paying for. For example, a restaurant that is decorated in an Italian style but only offers oriental food would certainly be confusing to guests, especially those of whom may not be familiar with the establishment.

If you feel as though your business is in something of an identity crisis, then map out what you believe your business should be, as well as taking stock and noting what it currently is. How much work is required to get your business from where it is to where it should be? Also consider if, maybe, your view for the business possibly needs to change based on demand – it is possible that what you think customers want and what they actually want is completely different. If you listen to your customers, they will keep coming back.

Don’t be Too Precious

The best thing that any business owner can do is to surround themselves with a team that is smarter than them. Don’t be too precious as to disregard your shortcomings – instead, own them and look to bring in team members that will more than make up for your weaknesses.

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Even though your business is your baby, and you might think you know what is best for it, others with a fresh perspective may just be able to offer something better. The best managers are those that listen to their team and accept when their ideas may not be the best.

By viewing your business from the perspective of someone looking in from the outside first and foremost, you won’t go far wrong in aiming to keep your business attractive to customers.


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