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Have you ever wondered what might be those errors that leaders keep on doing which seem to destroy their sustainability? Would you like to make sure that once a leader, you will not be willing to fail pretty soon? If so, you are at the right time and at the right place to find the right answers. Nowadays, managers do not seem to cope really well with those things, providing us with nothing but quite a wish to leave the organisation. These being said, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines in order to see how can you destroy the effectiveness of your leadership – and, why not, what to avoid.

  1. Don’t admit Mistakes

Did you know that this is basically the very first problem most leaders have? When they make an error, they are well too conceited to realise they made a mistake. Because of this, most people are willing to move towards a new career or profession. Even if you have some people working for you, it does not mean that they will never say no to a better offer if you do not know how to keep people under your spell.

  1. Lose self-control

Well, well, the stress level goes up almost everywhere. This is the main reason why we come home with our brains destroyed and we wish we could be able to change some things. Still, in case you are the manager and you are trying to handle a stressful situation, losing self-control especially with other people (and also, in front of them) will not take you anywhere high. Instead, you will lose respect, and we already know that respect is hard to grow and cultivate.

  1. Fail to innovate
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Working with young and creative people who are rather talented is a real bless. Because of that, a manager needs to see if each of them features a talent and try to use it in the favor of the organisation. Still, for this incentive it is imperative to innovate and always to come up with an idea. Even though the younger ones might be more creative than ever, it does not mean that you cannot say anything about that – actually, as a manager you can, and you must be the first one to provide them with the tools needed.


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