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An Italian investor visa is a golden opportunity to live and work in Italy. It opens you to the benefits of the residency of the country. You can access quality education and healthcare facilities, start a business, and travel visa-free across the EU. The good thing is that the process is simple, and you can even do your bit to ease it further. If you want to get more information about the investor visa process, there’s an interesting article written by Bersani Law to go through. Let us share some expert-recommended tips to simplify your Italian investor visa journey.

Decide your investment option

Italian investor visa requires you to bring funds to Italy, making it an ideal choice for people with high net worth. But the good thing is that you have flexible options. You can buy a golden visa by investing in different options depending on your budget. You can pick an innovative startup or an established business and provide them with €250,000 or €500,000 respectively. You have the option to donate €1 million to a public interest project or buy government bonds worth €2 million. 

Have clear expectations of timelines

Easing your investor visa journey is also about having realistic expectations about the timelines. Although it is among the fastest ways to immigrate to Italy, you can expect it to take a few months to complete. The process starts with getting a certificate of no impediment (nulla osta) from the Investor Visa Committee. Typically, you can get it within 30 days, after which you can apply for an investor visa with your local consulate.

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Get your funding proof ready

The nulla osta application requires submission of proof of valid funds you plan to invest in Italy. Although you do not have to bring in the money at this stage, you must validate that you have it ready. Unless you can show that you have access to funds in your name, getting a nulla osta is not possible. Make sure you have your documents in place before going ahead with the application. 

Be ready with your funds after getting a residence permit

After getting your nulla osta, you can apply for an investor visa at your local consulate. The process is fast, and you can land in Italy with an investor visa. At this stage, you can apply for a residence permit. Once you get it, you have to make the committed investment in Italy within three months. Failing to do it leads to the risk of forfeiture of your visa and residence permit.

Collaborate with an expert

Even as the visa process is simple, it makes sense to collaborate with an expert to have a smooth journey. They can help you pick the right investment option, complete the paperwork, and iron out any issues as you proceed. You can rely on their expertise if you plan to get citizenship by naturalization eventually. These experts know the immigration law well, so you can depend on their guidance.

An Italian investor visa makes a great option for immigration aspirants who do not qualify through any other route. Follow these tips for a smooth and seamless road ahead. 

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