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Choosing a good pawn shop can be tricky, especially if you have never dealt with one before and don’t know what to expect. It’s great you are already reading up on it and doing your research before you take the next step. As soon as you get clued up on how they work and the kind of regulations reputable ones hold up to, it becomes much easier to spot the good from the bad.


This article will discuss some of the main things you can research and find so you can walk into a reputable pawn shop when the time comes. Take note of the tips discussed below on how to find a trustworthy pawn shop.


  1. Research on the internet – using the internet is a powerful tool to locating a great pawn broker you can trust. Thankfully, a key sign to a trustworthy broker is that they have a strong online presence. They will have a quality website with social media links where you can actively see client testimonials and conversations they are having with customers. Why not search for several pawn brokers you are interested in first and write a list. Then research them one by one by carrying out online searches and background checks yourself.


  1. Scan for reviews – you will be able to get a good idea of the customer service by online reviews and conversations. You can also check independent websites where people post reviews so you can be sure it’s unbiased and trustworthy. Even though some reviews won’t show an accurate picture, it will give you a good idea of the ones you will shortlist. Once this process is done, you should feel more confident getting a quote.
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  1. Know what you want to sell – before you go and talk to the broker, know what you are selling and try to research beforehand so you know what to expect for that item. This extra bit of digging will ensure you don’t get ripped off and are given the correct value for the item you have on offer.


  1. Don’t settle quickly – as you have a potentially high-ticket item, you want to shop around and get the best offer possible. Different brokers will have different perspectives and approach your item from different angles. Some may see more value than others so it’s important to check around. Also, they may have different charges in the small print so get some paperwork to look through before you settle on one. There are articles you can find online that tackles on how to negotiate with pawn shops, which should help you in dealing with the ones you are interested in.


Even though doing all of this can seem like unneeded work and effort, it will be well worth it. You will be shifting through all the mediocre to get to the most reputable pawn shops near you. By doing this process thoroughly you will ensure you not only get the best deal but also end up going with a broker who has a great reputation.


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