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Nowadays, a big part of our happiness is translated into money – the more we have, the better we feel. Even though it is just a thought, it has plenty of circumstances upon us. In reality, money are either cryptic (just some numbers on the screen) or some paper bills which, if we were to look at them objectively, they would not worth more than a piece of paper to write on. Still, as time went on, people started to place more and more value on these paper bills, reason why now they are the ones to govern us. Yet, there are ways in which we can make a life without having to interfere with the use of them – but it is quite a long way until there. These being said, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines in order to see how to have a good life without money!

  1. Look Into Your Needs

These days, most people are buying a lot of useless stuff, just for the sake of it. Of course, the smell combined with the colors, the names and different designs is ought to make us purchase anything, from the smallest to the biggest useless thing. The idea in here is to look into your needs and decide exactly what is that you cannot live without. After some exercises, you will be amazed to find out that few of that stuff are really of your need. In reality, you can live your life without up to 80% of those things, however.

  1. Find Out about Different Experiences
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With the use of Internet, you can find nowadays the stories of plenty of people – and how did they detox themselves of money. Of course, you will need a roof above your head, a bed, yet there are some things that you can definitely live without – such as the TV. Once you make this slight change, you will start to love just how much time you gain to spend with your own family. On the other hand, people always love to share their own experiences with the others, in hope they find themselves in the same situation – and people who have been going through a money detox are exactly what you are looking for, just to make sure they inspire you.

  1. Decide in What to Invest

Since the urban areas require money to live, you will need to make some investments (most probably) before deciding to live on little money. For instance, you would need a house. Yet, you can turn the TV off, use slightly less water and cut other expenses on utilities. By this way, by the end of the week you will be amazed of the price that you have to pay – which is, to be quite honest in here, less than you have previously expected.

  1. Consider Moving to the Rural Areas

Whether you have thought about it somewhere in your life or not, living in a rural area has plenty of advantages – aside from the health ones (fresh air, less stress etc.), you will be amazed by the delight of growing your own vegetables, fruits and know that they are all healthy. On the other hand, when it comes to money, you will get less and less dependent on the financial matters, as you can make it all by yourself. Just think of the bills that you will have to pay (which will be less than you can think of) and make a calculation, just to see how much would you have to finally pay for it. If it was to think deeply, we would need to consider going less to the stores and, as a consequence, spend less money because of less temptations. See, this is just how you can live a life without money – or, to be more correct, how to live a life with little money.

  1. Realise there are Expenses that you Need to Cover
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Since life is ruled by money, we cannot make a living just with 0 income. This is the reason, in the first place, why some people receive financial aid from the governments. Instead of saying I can live my life without money at all, we can clearly say that I can live my life with little money – that would be 100% correct. For instance, you will need some money aside if there are some medical cover-ups to do. On the other hand, if you receive some unexpected bills (or unexpected sums), there are also needed to be handled with pace and ease. Still, as time goes by, you will learn to make sure to put aside some sums of money for unexpected situations. All in all, living on little money will suit you perfectly!


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