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If you’re known as the opinionated one in your friendship group, or you find that you always have a view to share with those you hang out with, you’re likely to be able to make cash out of this disposition. As you’ll well know, from social media to blogs and journalist columns, opinions are worth money – if you know how to sell and share them. This article is about how you can monetize your opinions online this year – adding a side hustle to your main source of income.

Social Media

Most individuals with a view to share take to social media in order to build an audience and to find like-minded people to talk with. You’ll find that different social media platforms are suited to different people. If you can condense many of your views to the character count on Twitter, this is an excellent place to start. Retweets can significantly boost your exposure online. Meanwhile Facebook is great for longer posts, and Instagram is perfect for visual content. Use social media to build the audience that you’ll eventually monetize with your online opinions.

Blogs and Articles

If you’re able to convert your opinions into the written word, you’ll find that blogging and article writing are smart ways to take your online business. Indeed, if you can set up a blog – and link it through your social media channels – you’ll find that you can make money fast by advertising upon your blogging platform. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to add cash to your income by pitching your best opinions to the opinion desk of newspapers and magazines, producing op-eds that editors would publish and share with their own audiences.

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Online surveys are a different way to make cash out of your opinions – and shape the world around you. Each time you fill out a survey online, you’ll make a little cash from sharing your opinions with interested companies. Branded Surveys pays you for your opinion, and this income quickly adds up when you fill in several surveys a day. This is the perfect way to supplement your income while you’re working from home, or out of a job. All you need to do is create a profile on a survey website, and convert your thoughts on the world and the products around you into a steady source of income.


A relatively new form of opinion-sharing online, podcasting is incredibly easy to do, and can help boost your reach to the world. If you’ve got opinions to share on a certain topic, and you’re willing to invest in a good microphone, you can easily set up a podcast that you record for sale online. Or, if you’re interested in offering a free podcast, you’ll be able to share short advertisements during your podcast, which will pay you for the privilege. Build your audience before adding these adverts into your podcasts, and ask listeners for donations, too, to support your opinion-sharing online.

Making cash out of your opinions has never been easier – and this article shows you how you can do it.


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