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Here’s a familiar problem: your business has a great website, but you need to make an iPhone app.  Every time you change your website, you need to change (or hire someone to change) your iPhone app.  It takes a lot of time and energy to maintain two things at once – time and energy you could be spending elsewhere.

There’s only one bulletproof solution to this problem: “kill two birds with one stone.???  Learn to make an iPhone app that just happens to double as your website.

Start With a Web App For iPhone

Most people fail at mobile because they start with a regular website.  Trying to fit a big website into a little mobile app is quite difficult, like putting on clothes that are too small for you.

Your first step towards web freedom, then, should be to make an iPhone app, not a website.  With web design it’s easier to go from small to big, than from big to small.

Choose Your App Builder Carefully

Fortunately, there are plenty of online tools for building iPhone apps:

Unfortunately, though, most app building tools focus on making traditional iPhone apps, not web apps.  Traditional iPhone apps can only be used on iOs devices, whereas web apps can be used any computer just like a website.

Recoil App Builder is one of the few online app builders that is focused completely on web apps.  Unlike regular iPhone apps, Recoil Apps are designed to function flawlessly on every computer and laptop, not just iPhones and iPads.

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Look!  Your App is Your Website

As soon as you build your web app for iPhone/iPad, you will notice that it has a web address.  Open any laptop or desktop computer, type in that web address and you should see the same thing you would see on your iOs device.

For example, if you created a Recoil App called “, you would be able to visit “ on any computer and it would look the same as if you were using an iPhone.

Tools like Recoil App Builder even provide options for configuring your app to work with a real domain name, such as “  The result?  Visitors to your website will see the exact same thing as your iPhone and iPad app customers.

Tip: Put Less on Each Page

As you are building your web app, keep in mind that less is more.  Complicated web pages with too much content may be possible to read on desktop/laptop computers, but they are nearly impossible to read on an iPhone.

If you’re creating a web app that’s based on an existing business website, plan on leaving a few things out.  This won’t just help your web app, it will help your customers.

Market Fearlessly

Perhaps the greatest advantage of combining your iPhone app and website into one simple web app is simplicity of marketing.  Instead of trying to sell two things, you can just focus on selling one.  Whether your site is visited from a big computer or a small one, it will seem intuitive and appealing to users.

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