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Most people are fans of one sport or another. There are actually ways to monetize a sports fandom. You don’t have to spend millions buying a sports team either. If you are a huge sports fan, here are several ways you can invest in your favorite game or team:

Buy a Share in a Minor League Team

Veteran sports investor John R. Burgess says he got his big break first by investing in minor league teams. Major league teams tend to be the forte of wealthy investors with millions to spend. Minor league teams are made up of college-level players and don’t require deals made in millions. If you have between $100,000 and $250,000, you can buy your own minor league team. You can also buy shares or stakes in the team with partners for a lot less than that. Typically, you may have to commit about $50,000. But it depends on the team and the number of partners.

Invest in Local Teams

If you are just a regular salary earner, even minor league could be out of your league. However, a small town local sports team might not be. You can buy a local team or buy shares with partners for a lot less than $50,000. However, you may only see lucrative shares if the local team competes nationally or statewide.

Own Publicly Traded Team Shares

One possibility to invest in sports teams is to own shares in publicly traded teams like the New York Knicks, Green Bay Packers, and New York Rangers. Historically speaking, such shares are known to be hugely lucrative. Analysts say the performance of these shares is largely subpar. But that doesn’t mean these shares are a waste of money either. If you cannot spare tens of thousands of dollars on a team, this is a good way to invest in a sports team.

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Get Collectibles

Investing in teams is not the only way to invest in sports. Fans of teams, like you, are utterly devoted to the players in the game. Typically, subcultures form around such devotion, where everyone can monetize using collectibles. Collectibles can earn incredible amounts of money. You can auction a collectible off on eBay for dozen or more times its original retail worth. Of course, if you hold onto collectibles now, they would be worth more in the future. Investing in collectibles don’t cost much, but you will have to be a real fan of the game and have good sense to see what other players would like. It will also require a good amount of patience to wait until just the right moment to cash in.

While the above methods are great for sports investing, keep in mind that your returns will vary depending on various factors. Do not invest in a sport without doing your research first. Investments can be risky if you don’t look into things like the corporate structure of the sport and how collaborative the team is. Being just a fan will not get you returns as an investor. So, don’t forget to do your research first.


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