While we have all been stuck at home, many of us furloughed and looking for something to do, making money has been top of people’s minds. As the economy suffered in 2020, many people are looking to maximise a creative side hustle.

Shows such as ‘Salvage Hunters’ and ‘Money for Nothing’ have opened people’s eyes to the world of furniture restoration. While furniture restoration certainly looks fun and a great way to make an extra income, how exactly can you make money by doing up furniture?

What furniture restoration means

Simply put, restoring furniture is the process of repairing and restoring vintage or antique furniture to preserve its heritage as well as safeguard its features for the future. Traditionally, furniture restoration would focus on original details to bring the piece “back to life”.

However, many modern furniture restorers “upcycle” old furniture and put contemporary spins on traditional pieces. The upcycling market is getting bigger due to its focus on sustainability and ability to create unique pieces for customers.  

How to make money from furniture restoration

The best way to turn a profit on furniture restoration is to source your pieces at a low cost. Typically, car boot sales, estate auctions and second-hand markets are a good place to find cheap old furniture in need of some love.

You will want to use high-quality materials when restoring your pieces, to offer your customers quality restorations, but try to source materials at trade cost to keep your outgoings low and your profits high.

Invest in some fundamental equipment

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Equipment is essential for furniture restoration but you do not need to over invest when you are just starting out. Start with the fundamentals. A basic tool kit with hammers, screwdrivers, drill, saws etc should see you through. Sandpaper, nails and screws will also come in handy.

If you are starting out with large pieces of furniture, it could be a fantastic idea to invest in a high-quality, powerful bench grinder to sand and polish surfaces such as metal and wood.

Sell on your restored furniture online

The most cost-effective way to sell your restored furniture is online. Marketplaces, resale and auction sites offer you a cheap way to promote and sell your products without costly overheads.

You could also set up a relatively inexpensive website to showcase your restored furniture and use social media to promote it as well.


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