Experience has taught many of us the importance of booking in advance our international flights. Whether talking even about video games, phones or books, at certain periods of time through the year you can order them at such a better price that it might look rather as a bargain. Despite of this tip that most of us seem to be in the known of, the rest of us might as well pay a little fortune on a ticket bought on the departure day. Still, when it comes to flights, one thing you should always remember is that a flight from US to Europe is always cheaper if bought in advance in spite of a flight from US to Asia, Africa that are definitely cheaper if being bought on the departure day. Make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to see how to save money on a cheap flight form US to Europe – money is always worth it.


All About Timing

Most companies display their cheapest prices on flights from US to Europe in the very first day the flight goes up on their website. It means that if you book your flight in advance with a year before the departure time, you are most likely to get it for as low as $350 to enter your pockets and not in theirs.


Ok, but When?

Even though there are companies that offer their best prices on the first day, according to a recent survey you are most likely to get it at the best offer in the 53rd day after the flight has been announced. These strategies are adopted by companies who know that if you book your flight in advance, you are most likely to pay as much as 15% more on your flight than you would to on the 53rd day.

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Another great way to save money on a flight from US to Europe would be to use discounts. Most airfare companies use nowadays this kind of marketing in such a way to attract more and more customers. Before deciding what company to fly with, don’t forget to see whether or not there is a coupon code or a discount you could use to make your pay a little less harmful to your wallet. Some organization and good timing is the key to get you going.


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