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There comes a time when being a shopper seems to be a little nerve-wracking. It is totally understandable and, unfortunately, something common in the era we are living on. Still, the fault is usually ours, since most of us do not know the rights we are linked to when going shopping. Believe it or not, Portugal is said to be the country where citizens are mostly in the known of them and the rights are actually respected. In case you wish to find more about that, as well as some of the tips and rights to stay a happy shopper when going through bad times, here are some to keep an eye on!

Online shopping – refund on 14 days

When doing online shopping, one thing you should be in the known of concerns the fact that the new law makes it possible to you to refund any of the goods if you do not want them for any reason on a maximum limit of 14 days. By this way, you can both save money or change the product into the one you wanted to have some time before – into a better one. The old law stated there are only 7 days, but the new one is on the advantage of us, the shoppers!

Phone goes out of reach


Losting or stealing a phone is almost inevitable – you do not know whether or not the person that might be standing next to you in a bus has some bad thoughts over you and decides to steal your phone! In case it goes missing, your rights make it possible to reach it, since your phone company is bound to giving you the IMEI immediately, and the police might easily find it anywhere.

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Techonlogical purchases – The eye on the contract form

Especially when going for phones and choosing a phone company to provide you with minutes for calls, this is the time when you have to keep your eyes wide opened in order not to be stolen or blackmailed. From time to time, people are actually quite being made a fuss about them, since the numerous pages of the contract form are not read and so, they end up reading them days before it has already been signed.

One important fact there is in the world regards the idea that customer’s rights are kind of different from country to country, place to place, region to region. Make sure to find the ones suitable on the law you are under!



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