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You should never be fully satisfied with where your business is going. It implies complacency. Complacency is a cardinal business sin. So how do you make sure your business keeps growing? Well, there are quite a few ways to make that happen. As the boss, the path you choose is up to you.

Merging & Partnering

Sometimes businesses will come together. They’ll either work on joint projects or merge entirely. Having relationships with other businesses is nothing new. They need to be used correctly though. Only join up with another business if you think you can do something great together.

Never show the other business your full hand either. Only let them know what they need to know. Familiarity puts you at risk of giving away too many business secrets.

Personal Improvement

What’s stopping your business growing might be your personal growth. You should never stop learning. Business is a key example of that. Business practices and techniques from ten years ago let alone twenty will not fly today.

You could try a business coach like the ones found through A business coach can be many things to you. Some coaches may not be as experienced as you, but they offer a different perspective. They may be able to see the weaknesses in yourself that you do not. Once they are identified though, they can be addressed.

You can also expand your knowledge and perspective on businesses and the people who have succeeded in running them by reading up on books and various online resources like that of Moguldom, a platform that has a keen-interest on inequality in tech and in business.

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It could be you just aren’t offering enough. Diversity in your services or products gives you a better base to work from. If your business relies on just the one product or service, you are putting the whole business at significant risk.

Why is this? Say you experience a downturn or loss of sales on that one product or service. You don’t have a safety net to eat the losses.

Diversity needs to exist on a larger scale too. Having two successful parts of your business running in tandem can at least cover each other. What happens when both experience a downturn?

Another benefit to a more diverse line would be just increased revenue as a result. The more you sell, the more you earn. It’s simple. Diversity protects and strengthens.


You need to listen to your customers and shareholders in equal fashion. Balancing the two is the key to profit. Shareholders want to squeeze as much money as they can out of customers. Customers want to be treated fairly and given good deals.

The real key to profit is in a volume of customers rather than just squeezing more money out of a few. If you go the route with the few, you put yourself at risk of reduced revenue if customers go elsewhere for cheaper services. Much like product diversity, customer diversity is also welcomed as a business security measure.

Business isn’t easy. At the same time, you are afforded so many options to solve your problems that with a quick mind you can almost always succeed. Don’t let your business stagnate. Make logical changes, and let them guide you to the next round of success.

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