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For small businesses, using cloud technology brings many advantages, especially where costs are involved. Small businesses can often suffer from cash flow problems, and using cloud computing is one way of getting efficient, modern tech without the hefty price. If you are the owner of your own venture and you’re looking for ways to save money, or wondering how you can capitalize on using cloud technology, this guide shows some of the advantages.

Reduced Costs

Without cloud technology, a business is required to purchase expensive equipment and pay for maintenance and upgrades. If using cloud technology, there is also saving on energy bills as there is no need to run multiple servers, and there are fewer delays due to computing issues so that productivity can stay high. Other ways cloud computing can save a business money, is that it is usually a pay-as-you-go model of working. This model helps improve cash flow for small businesses as there is no need for expensive infrastructure.


Using cloud technology allows a business to scale up or down, depending on the amount of storage it needs. For example, for an e-commerce website, a spike in traffic adds to the amount of bandwidth. This could cause servers to work hard and web pages to be slow for a user. It is not a great customer experience that could also affect a customer’s buying decision. Cloud technology take all this in its stride and automatically adds more or less server space as you need it. It makes processes more efficient and cost-effective.


The loss or theft of a business’s data, such as personal information about employees or clients, as well as confidential files, can cost a business a large amount in damages. The benefits of cloud technology are that it often provides regular back-ups and allows data to be wiped from computers remotely, as well as being quick to recover should there be a breach.

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Cloud technology allows a small business to compete with bigger enterprises, as it gives equal access to some of the most modern programs and systems that would be financially beyond what most small business would be able to afford otherwise. It creates a level playing field in which smaller businesses have access to the same systems and works as well as their competitors.

Another way cloud technology helps a business compete is that it provides flexibility for its workforce. Employees can work from any location where there is an internet connection, meaning that overheads are lower for running business premises, and overall productivity is higher.

Cloud-based office systems are also more efficient for collaborative working, as several people can all work on the same document and edit it at the same time.

For efficient working, scalability and cost saving, small businesses should consider using cloud technology. Cloud technology is becoming more popular than ever and is a smart move for any small business that wants to keep up with the times.

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