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A Country; More Than Just A War

When you think about Vietnam, the first thing that likely comes to mind is the extensive war that was fought there between the Vietnamese and the United States. If that war taught anyone anything about the people of Vietnam, it was that they were a resilient people. That resilience can also be noticed in their country’s economy. Perhaps one of the most incredible aspects of Vietnam is that it received the largest GDP growth in a decade in the year 2017. This growth of the Vietnamese dong has only continued in recent years. This article will go over the culture of Vietnam and whether or not it might be a wise idea to invest in it.

The Culture

One aspect to understand when it comes to the culture of Vietnam is that it is ancient and seeped with tradition. Although it is heavily influenced by Chinese culture, Vietnam has emerged with its own sense of identity and cultural rituals and values. The country has also seen massive changes at its core when it comes to political parties. At first, Vietnam was part of the Chinese empire before it gained its own freedom in the 10th century. After that, it was visited by French colonists. These colonists, much like the other European colonists at the time, wanted to bring Catholicism and Latin to the people. The Latin alphabet was taught to the people along with the word of God.

After the French colonists, however, came communist rule. During this period, practically all Western influence was shut out. Instead, Vietnam traded and allied with countries that were also governed by communist rule. Through all of these spheres of influence, however, Vietnam has maintained its core identity. They believe in strong family values, a devotion to study, and honoring one’s ancestors.

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The people of Vietnam value the family or group over individuals. What benefits the group is something that they ultimately strive for. Although marriages used to be arranged, it is now more common for young people to choose who they wish to marry and when. That being said, the ceremony itself is often still traditional in that the entire family or clan attends the ceremony.

In fact, the family is so important to the Vietnamese that they typically all live together in one large home. It is quite common for four generations to live together in a single residence.


Another strong aspect of the Vietnamese way of life is its food. In fact, their food is enjoyed throughout the world today. Their meals typically center around noodles with an emphasis on vegetables. Even more famous than their noodles, however, is their preference for rice. They like to flavor their rice and noodles in many different ways. Sweet, savory, and even spicy are common among their dishes. Although they prefer vegetables, sometimes beef and chicken are used in their noodle dishes.

The Economy

Perhaps most fascinating about Vietnam is their sudden growth in their economy. Since opening their trading, the country has flourished with wealth. Its GDP is growing and continues to grow. Many economists believe that Vietnam will continue to flourish for several years. However, they also point out that the window for investing in Vietnam while it is still cheap is rapidly closing. The currency used in Vietnam is called dong. Currently, one US dollar converts to 23198 Vietnamese dong. This is likely to change, however, as Vietnam continues to grow.

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One of the biggest aspects to consider about the country is that it has two powerful driving forces for success. The first is oil. Vietnam is rich in oil and exports a ton of it a day. This has made them incredibly wealthy and will likely continue doing so for several years to come. The other force is tourism. As of late, tourism in Vietnam has picked up remarkably. With the country investing in its tourism, this number is likely to grow. Because the country is so beautiful and offers a new culture to explore, many are looking to experience it for themselves. Investing in Vietnam has never been a better choice. Yet the time is running out.


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