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I finally decided to jump in on this topic, since everyone is talking about it these days and saying how “pinterest is great for affiliates” “best place to promote product”how to “make money with pinterest”, “how it’s easiest way to sell (spam) affiliate products” to other people, and so on.

Maybe it’s too late for me to try mentioning this since the hype reached it’s peak couple of weeks ago, but I like working and playing that way.

About Pinterest

Pinterest is social and online pin board, where you upload your pins and your friends do the same, and then you follow the pins from other people that you’re interested in and they will probably follow you, there’s more to explain but this is the basic explanation.

And it seems that the pinterest traffic is still growing, and that my traffic is growing too, thanks to the pinterest, that’s the best thing about it, traffic is great and people I talk and engage with are so trusty and loyal followers. But other things are getting of control, the constant spam and bots that are trying to sell you products are destroying that same trust and followers base.

I don’t blame people, everyone has it’s mortgage to pay, it’s just that everyone is selling you a dream and not providing the results.
And you’re buying it, stop for a second and think if you need a product at all, if the answer is yes, then go ahead and purchase it, even if the source is pinterest bot, it’s still a product and you need it. But if you don’t need another dress or another suit then don’t buy it, save yourself some money.

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While just couple of people are making real money with pinterest, the rest of them out there are just being spammed, that’s the harsh truth.
The people who earn money with pinterest figured it out, they have special software developed for it, they get thousands of pins ,boards and followers in matter of minutes. They sell a lot of products and make a lot of money that’s true, but for how long?

The website is constantly improving and blocking these programs and softwares, the spamming is not the long term business.
If you want to become seller more then a buyer, then you need to think what people need and what type of service you can provide them with.

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How to Make Money With Pinterest Like Website?

I can tell you what you can provide them with, if you want to make money with the pinterest, you need to become one.
You read it well, you need to become a source, you need to create a website like pinterest and become the person that makes the most of the money and enjoy all of the benefits.

Now, you don’t need to be a tech person to understand and use the market, it simple as “follow the money” and money right now is in pinterest like websites or “clones”.  You have anything from pinterest like templates to full developed “turn key” websites which you can use immediately after you buy it.

And instead being all day on the pinterest, you can start your own website and start generating traffic and revenue. Monetization tactics are different on every clone or template, you need to check that with the person that made pinterest like websites, themes and so on.

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Pinterest Like Websites and Themes You Can Use

I didn’t wanted to write about which one you can use, I just wanted to let you search on google and decide for yourself. But figured it out that then this would be unfinished article. So I will tell you about couple of sources where you can get your own pinterest like website or theme.

I could easy put affiliate links, not telling you and making money every time someone buys through my links, but I will not do that. I think that’s fair from my side.

Here we go, the list:

Pinterest Clone Websites

Pinterest Clone For Joomla – pinterest clone for Joomla open source cms.

Pinboarding Pro – pinterst clone website.

Pinderful – pinterest Clone From Cogzidel.

PinterstClone – pinterest clone developed with same program like original pinterest.

Pinterest Website Themes

Imbalance 2 – Imbalance 2 turns you WordPress-based website to an attractive blog, portfolio or even online magazine.

Reflex – Reflex is a dynamic portfolio theme, developed from the ground up to be the easiest, most customizable grid portfolio theme possible.

GridLocked – Gridlocked is a grid-based, post-format supporting, layout-shuffling, minimalistic theme for creatives.

There you go, website clones and themes, it’s up to you, maybe clones are better since they have more options.
Hope you will make money with pinterest clone like websites, tell me what you think. Is it better to spam people in need to sell one product or is it better to start your own website and collect the benefits. Leave your comments and suggestions, and these links are not my affiliate ones, I didn’t get payed in any way for writing about these websites, this is my own opinion and tactic.

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