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Are you tired of listening to what your boss has to say? Do you want to leave your job because you feel that you can do so much more without feeling like you’re chained to a post at all times?

Then you’re probably considering dipping your toes into the freelancing waters for the first time. The truth is, we’d all like to leave our jobs and to find our own way. But, without proper discipline and project management, our careers might become a mess. So, if you’re sure that you possess those qualities, then let’s take a look what your life could become.

Become a brand

Since you’re a designer, it’s expected that you make a beautiful logo for yourself. Without that you’ll fade into nothing and potential clients will look the other way. Don’t try to incorporate your name into the logo. Just make something that says – Hey, this person can actually design something memorable and good looking.

Getting clients

This is one of those things that they simply don’t teach you at design school. They show you how to unleash your creativity, but they don’t ever tell you how to treat potential clients.

The first thing you should do is to build a network. You can start by joining LinkedIn and relevant groups on it, and by making profiles for yourself on various freelancing sites such as Upwork, Fiverr, Elance, etc.

While this is important – don’t forget that you can often find the best clients in the real world. Always keep an eye out for exciting events near you, and who knows, you might even land a job or two if you impress someone with your skills.

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Always be self-confident during these events, but don’t be too cocky. People love working with the designers who are down-to-earth and don’t mind explaining their creative process.

Take small jobs

In fact, when you’re a freelance designer, something like “small job” doesn’t exist. Every little thing you design will go on your portfolio, and who knows, it might open you a couple of doors to much bigger and better-paid jobs.

The only thing you shouldn’t do is to work for free. As the Joker said: “If you’re good at something never do it for free.”

Arm yourself

Creating something for a client is a war with yourself and sometimes even with your customer. That’s exactly why you need reliable and powerful equipment and programs that will allow you to make any changes quickly.

Imagine this scenario – You’re drifting away slowly while watching Netflix but suddenly you get a very good idea. You turn on your laptop to turn that idea into reality but the laptop takes forever to turn on, and you fall asleep. By the time you wake up, the idea is gone. Since your ideas are what’s putting the bread on the table, you can see why you’ll want to avoid this scenario.

That’s why you need to have the big guns. Some designers prefer to use Mac than PC, but in most cases, the truth is that that’s because of snobbism. If you’re just starting to work as a freelance designer, you’ll do yourself a favor and save money by buying a powerful MSI notebook or any other cheaper product that’s in the same class as Mac.

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Educate yourself

The internet is truly one of the wonders of the world. It’s almost like college, just free. Those who want to learn something new can always find tutorials and classes on the web. When you have some free time, skip going to a bar and visit these sites:

• Tutorialzine

• Computer Arts

• Udemy

These sites are just some of hundreds out there which you can use to educate yourself and expand your skill set.


Practice whenever you’re not too tired. Even when you’re not working try designing new logos for some companies. They might never contact you to redesign their logo, but that does not mean that you cannot dream. Or you can simply invent companies in your head, design their logos, and who knows, some day you just might use your creations for a client.

Being a freelance designer is not easy. You have to manage your time, design something your client will like, and to be flexible. Equip yourself with the best possible computer, build your portfolio, and put yourself out there. After a while, the clients will certainly come to you. And remember – If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will. Be brave, be bold, and let your creations into the world.


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