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Today, work online, from the comfort of our home, is presented as the main alternative to the labor crisis in which we are immersed. In this article, we try to see some advantages and disadvantages of working from home.

Currently, and due to family needs, sometimes it becomes difficult to lead a normal work activity, due to the difficulty of balancing work and personal life for that and thanks to new technologies, more and more companies begin to bet by telecommuting. Similarly, the increase in unemployment among the population and the fact that increasing numbers of long-term unemployed, makes also more and more people decide to start a business online.

For entrepreneurs, the ability to perform their work outside the normal place of work is a fantastic way to start developing new concepts, save on the costs of starting a business (as we saw in the article Riding Online Business Profitable?) and consider other forms of business.

However, everything has its good points and its bad points, and take over the internet would not be an exception. Let’s see what are some of the pros and cons of online work:


Perhaps the main advantage is also the most obvious: you do not need to find a place for our business. Our entire business work and our daily work are to develop in our own home. In economic terms, the cost savings of not having to invest money in a physical place to locate or local office, will allow us to spend some of that money on other aspects of business.

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The clearest example of this can be found in such successful companies like Google or Apple, which started its activity in a garage!

Another distinct advantage is that we will be the masters of our time, only we will decide how we manage our working time. Thus, the reconciliation between work and family is possible to have more autonomy and flexibility. The online work allows us to manage our working hours at the time we deem appropriate.

Similarly, the above affects our productivity increased as we avoid commuting to the workplace, thus saving time and money (petrol and public transport are not free). So in case you have to spend more time on the project, we can work the hour’s necessary without having to stick to the pressure of working hours.

We also avoid distractions as we have time at will and only work from a laptop, we can change the workplace to wherever sufficient tranquility.

The revenue generated by your business is 100% for you. Stop and think how long you’ve been working for someone else and the economic benefits it has brought him. Why not generate the full reward for you?. Now, you, and only you who provided much wants to win, according to the time and effort you devote to your business.

Tax Benefits: Your home becomes your office, which means you can deduct taxes from normal expenses such as electricity, telephone, internet, etc..

Stress reduction: Work stress in recent years has been increasing and is generally associated with having to work for someone else. The work will generate for you an inner satisfaction that reduces anxiety.

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Of course, all is not gold that glitters, and despite its many obvious benefits, the online job also has some cons.

One of them is surely the fact that we invest more hours in our working day. Although I must say that this is necessary especially in the beginning, if you are new in this field, as in any other field, it is necessary to devote much time to learn, research and apply the techniques learned.

Internet is a vast world and knowledge you can acquire are endless. The good part of all this is that the more you learn, the better off your business. Also, once you gain a certain level of knowledge, online platforms allow you to work “on autopilot” because automated systems are in charge of sales for you without having to be present.

Sedentary lifestyle: Poor planning can lead to bad habits, so this is solved programmatic breaks and practicing some exercise. The advantage is that you have time; it is easier to take the time to clear your head.

Communication is less personal. Contact with our teammates and customers is not in person, which some may see as cold. However, the means available to establish this communication are many and varied: email, chat, phone calls, video conferencing (e.g. via Skype), hangouts, etc.. Everything will depend on the interest that we have and the desire to interact.

Finally, the sense of isolation, which is directly related to the above and that is also solvable. It may not have someone next door (unless you associate with another person and you share space), it may affect to some extent, but you have means in your power to fix it.

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It is very important to have a thought and positive towards what you set out attitude. The plane got to plan ahead and clear short-term goals motivate you to work hard to achieve them. Knowing that your work will revert to your advantage is rewarding and the rewards are huge.


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