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When it comes to certain kinds of business, like hairdressing and beauty treatments, the mobile solution is preferred by many freelancers. There are a number of advantages to making the switch, not all of which are financial – so, if you’re considering it, why not take stock of the upsides and downsides?

Why Go Mobile?

Lowered Costs

There’s no rent to worry about when you go mobile. As long as you have a set of high-quality tools that can be easily transported from place to place, you’re ready to go. If you already have experience in your chosen trade, then you might already have a strong idea of what’s required. Quality hairdressing scissors will serve you for years, and they can be easily transported on public buses.

Greater Flexibility

If you’re set up a fixed premises, then you’ll need to be available at reliable periods throughout the day. Your customers aren’t going to come back if they’re uncertain whether you’ll be open. On the other hand, mobile businesspeople don’t need to worry about walk-in clients; they can choose their own hours, which makes it easier to balance work with family commitments.

No Time-Wasters

When you take bookings at your premises, there’s always the chance that your appointments won’t actually show up. That means wasted time and money. If you’re mobile, this isn’t a worry – it’s you that’ll be showing up at your customer’s houses.

Personal Touch

If you’re going mobile, then you’ll have the personal touch that comes with being invited into someone’s home. You’ll be able to develop a deeper relationship with them, which can lead to greater job satisfaction (which is among the many upsides of being a hairdresser). Plus, if you decide that you don’t get along with a particular customer, for any reason, then you can just as easily decide that you’d rather not see them.

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What are the Downsides?

Travel Costs

When you’re moving from place to place, you’ll need to spend money on fuel. Plus, a significant portion of your day will be consumed by traveling from place to place. As such, you’ll have a lower ceiling when it comes to overall profitability.

Sick Days

If you fall ill, then you’ll be unable to work – and, given that you are the business, you’ll be unable to get anyone to cover you.

Lack of Visibility

If you don’t have a salon, then you’ll lack a physical presence in the community, and all of the promotional opportunities that comes with it. As such, you’ll have more work to do when it comes to marketing.


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