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Your business might be doing well, thriving even, but you’ll never be taken seriously until you have a ‘real’ office. Clients will wonder why you never meet in your office, and the lack of a postal address makes you seem small and potentially trustworthy.

Knowing the Right Time

Getting an office is a big step. It costs money and you need to look after it. However, if you’re spending most of the time worrying what your clients think of you, or where you can meet, then it could be time to get an office.

If you find that you’re growing really fast, and you might need to hire other employees, then you need a space to work without being on top of other people.

Another reason to move out of the home office is household distractions. If you’re more of a babysitter than a home business, then you know you need a separate office, so you can concentrate and work productively.

Before You Move

Before you take the leap and move out of your home office, you need to assess your budget. If you’ve decided that you can afford to rent a space, but it might be precarious, then you need to cut costs in other areas. Find second hand furniture and make it uniform by giving it a lick of paint. When you can afford it, then you can buy new furniture.

Finding the Right Office

There are a variety of types of office that you could go for. Shared offices are great for young businesses, especially when you’re alone in your business. They offer the potential for collaboration, as well as someone to talk to if you can’t concentrate. They usually have a meeting room that you can use too for consulting with clients.

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Serviced offices, like those from EOG – Executive Offices Group, offer a way to move into an office, but without having to find furniture and managing the office too.

An individual office is great for businesses that are growing rapidly, and perhaps can afford an office manager too.


The location of your office is really important. It needs to be accessible, both to potential employees and clients. If you’re thinking of setting up a shop, this is even more important – a footfall is necessary, but you don’t want to be paying too much rent.


A virtual office is great if you’re in need of a professional look but you can’t necessarily afford the rent. Look for a company that will forward mail and calls to you, and that also have meeting rooms that you can use for client meetings. An excellent way to keep costs down, but also maintain a professional appearance.


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