For over 65 years home entertainment has revolved around the television. Constant innovation and technological development has kept the television at the forefront of delivering information, entertainment with sound and images in a way that was science fiction before WWII. From small 6-inch screen to larger clearer images, the advent of color, stereo sound and now today’s huge home theater screens and three-dimensional experiences, television today is still the most used home electronic investment.


Television’s growth is an exponential expansion across the world. From the early days of only a few very wealthy able to afford the small black and white sets, today even the most modest of incomes can have color televisions in several rooms. Furthermore, as television reach has grown through the years, the cost has plummeted while the features and quality has skyrocketed. Televisions are on sale today with screen three times the size of the most advanced sets just 20 years ago at half the price. All of added together makes television’s reach and impact still the most available. As televisions continue to be lighter, thinner, with larger screen, better resolution and great audio quality, the growth of the television industry will continue to dominate the home and business electronic markets.


Television’s dominant competitor in the electronic market is the computer. Currently, various polls and research efforts estimate almost 1.1 Billion computers are owned and operated around the world. By comparison television is seen in almost 2.5 Billion locations worldwide. Although these numbers are based on several factors (total sales, unit life, non-broadcast subscriptions, etc.), all estimates show television is the clear leader in sales and use. Another factor affecting electronic use and available lifetime is compatibility and obsolescence. A television (now of course upgraded with an inexpensive digital signal antenna) will always receive whatever is broadcast or available through closed circuit subscription (cable, satellite,). Computers on the other hand have a much shorter lifespan as constant improvements in software and hardware leads to quicker obsolescence. So, knowing this it is safe to assume there are many more of those 1.1 Billion computers not in current use than of those 2.5 Billion televisions. Considering these factors, the market and impact reach of television is even greater.

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Digital Broadcast

With the advent of digital broadcast signals, television’s reach is even greater. More broadcast stations mean more viewers without the additional expense of subscribing to a closed circuit service. Digital broadcasts also add to television’s image quality with high-definition images delivered directly through a low-cost digital receiver and antenna. Although the television must be able to display high definition reception to take advantage of this feature, televisions consumers are quickly upgrading their old standard sets for the more adaptive and feature laden flat-screen LED, LCD and plasma displays. As this trend continues, television’s continued dominance in the electronic consumer market will continue to expand.

Television’s Future

Television production and consumption will continue to grow as available features offer the viewer greater image quality and sound. Coupled with television’s growing crossover into Internet access capabilities and online programming, television will compete directly with all other forms of visual media and remain at the forefront of delivering superior quality and features the contemporary consumer expects and demands.


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