I got a secret, can you keep it? Okay, so here is the deal – I have recently read this book on the Spirit of Kaizen, one of the most important and useful concepts I have ever interfered with. Not only did I remain astonish by what it was written in there, but the practical experiments just blew me away. In case you wish to find something more in regards to thins, make sure to read me more on the following lines to see what the spirit of Kaizen is all about and how it can easily turn you into a successful human being!



What does Kaizen stand for?

For years now, the spirit of Kaizen has been brought into Europe from Japan, as its translation (KAI – Improvement, ZEN – Good). These being said, the spirit of Kaizen can be translated into good improvements, the ones that would lead you to great outcomes.


How can Kaizen turn into a Successful Path?

The spirit of Kaizen is a concept, basically renowned in the great companies. Ones just like Toshiba and Ford have used it, due to the fact that it is linked to the small improvements a company can make in order to be fully reinvented. The spirit of Kaizen does not stand for major changes, the ones that make an absolute change in one’s life, yet it stands for those small improvements that day by day, will take you to the outcome you have ever expected.


The Scientific Explanation

It is extremely logical, due to the fact that the Amygdale, close to our Cortex is basically what we call a stop in our wish to change. It is quite primitive and does not let our brain function the best when the time comes to make a complete change – instead, it says to our thoughts and make it hard, almost impossible to succeed. The Cortex is our area of thinking, creating and intelligence, reason why if we had only the Cortex, we would have put ourselves at a better risk and not looking at the disadvantages and drawbacks!

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Should we use the spirit of Kaizen?

We definitely should. From my point of view, there is no better way to become better and know more without developing yourself every single day. By this token, I would like to raise concern and highlight the fact that the human being tends to say that in one or two days he/she will become the best at a thing, while it takes years to make something you could state with assurance.


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