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They say that the first impression is the one to say whether or not you have made it. Whether you share the same principle of life as they do or not, we have to agree that a good impression made no harm, at any time. Whenever someone looks good, every single person on the street seems to look at him or her with different eyes – because they like it and because they wish they could look just like that person crossing the street. This is the very best way to make yourself more enjoyable than ever before, and let me tell you something – when it comes to serious stuff, this is simply imperative. Thus, these being said, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines in order to meet our top 3 rules of a prolific interview!


  1. Be On Time

Trust me, this is the rule to go. You can not make a perfect entrance if you are not there, on the right time. By default, it might tell you a lot about yourself – if you arrive too early, you are definitely a control freak, whereas if you get too late, you might find yourself as being definitely not accepted in the crew. When it comes to higher society, you will have no chance to gain their approval with such a behaviour.


  1. Be Dressed Properly

Believe it or not, the appearance really matters when being at an interview. In order to make things run smoothly, you are ought to be dressed properly and make sure that you are not over dressed, yet no under dressed. So, the best way to find the balance is to be dressed formal, preferably office, quite trendy I might add.

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  1. Do not, By any Means, Put Your Phone on the Table

This is funny, is not it? You might think that this is somehow not something that you might wonder and might take into account, ever. Still, as you get quite nervous while being at an interview, you could easily forget about it and voila – do this trick and feel as if your life is completely ruined. Thus, it is quick and easy, and will make you sure that you are not doing something bad for your career.


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