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Have you ever wished you could save some great money? Does it happen to you to have this wish as years pass by? Well, believe it or not, you are not the only one whose mind is on money. Believe it or not, most of us tend to think about the dollars as much as they can, even though it might not be the very first thought we would like to have when we wake up. Nowadays, having some money aside is a great way to have both your mind and soul relieved from all the things that you have to deal with as days go by. These being said, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines in order to discover the top 5 types of savings accounts which provide you with a cash bonus!

  1. Receive $350 Cash Bonus with Chase Total Checking and Savings

The algorithm in here is quite simple – once you start your chase total checking and savings with up to 10,000 dollars in it, you get from the very beginning a cash bonus of as much as $200. Now, if you decide to leave your money in there for more than 90 days, you get an extra of $150. After three months, your total cash bonus would be of $350 – a sum that, at least from my perspective, is nothing to leave away – but rather take into consideration.

  1. Get Up to $100 with Charles Schwab
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This type of bank account is a really interesting one, since it deals with retirement. Basically, the idea behind is that you learn to put money aside for the most important moments of your life through financial education. The Charles Schwab fund is bound to help you increase your retirement account with a bonus of $100 – this is actually what they offer, from the very beginning. Still, bear in mind that you will need a minimum sum of $1,000 to open your deposit, and then you will be able to variously add more and more money in there as time goes by. Usually, this type of fund is bound to be set monthly, which means that each month a certain sum of money will be taken out from your normal account and send it to the Charles Schwab one.

  1. Take Advantage of $1,000 with Citizens Bank

Whenever you want to help your children grow and assure they will have enough financial resources to follow the career they want, make sure they already have the collegesaver bonus, the Citizens Bank have managed to come up with a great bonus in order to attract people and help them be more financially aware of several aspects – and this is one of the best. All you need to do is to start it before they turn 18, and once they obtain that age, they can withdraw them – together with the $1,000 bonus – which again, is not a small amount of money at all!

  1. Another $100 from Regions Bank
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This bank account is one of the best for those who are really into savings. Basically, what it does is that it helps users develop a perfect savings habit, through which people can save money for various aspects, such as – gifts for certain celebrations, vacation, holidays, taxes or even emergencies. The set up is extremely simple – all you need to do is to decide which one to choose, for how long and, on top of that, how much would you pay for it each month. The strategy should be this way – if it happens to be something that you want fast, you should add more money in there for a shorter period of time. By analogy, if you want something on a long term but not that fast, you can add in there a smaller sum of money, each time. It is your own choice which path to take!

  1. Shoot another $100 with Brightpeak Financial

Whenever you have certain emergencies that you are aware of and wish to cover before it is too late, Brightpeak Financial managed to come up with a great way to get you started. The idea is that it helps you save only for several emergencies that you kind of know in advance, which means that you will gain up to $10 each 3 months, $15 in 6 months, $25 in a year period of time and $50 every 2 years. Of course, the sum is not at all as appealing as the others, but take into account the fact that you also gain the extra $100 only by opening the account. These being said, what are you still waiting for? Have you already managed to make up your mind?

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