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Smartphone Bill

If your cell phone bill is eating up all of your spare income each month, it’s time to look at your options. The following are ten easy ways to save money on both local and international calls.

1. Sign Up for a Family Plan

One easy way to save money is to sign up for the same plan as your family members. Many mobile providers allow households to add new members to a family plan at a low monthly charge, so it’s worth asking to see what type of discount you could receive.

2. Use the Same Network as Friends

Most providers offer unlimited calls between users of the same network as part of even the most basic plans. If most of your friends use a specific provider, it may be worth your while to sign up as well.

3. Use Free Apps

Skype, Viber, and other internet systems allow you to make calls to users on the same network for free. These can soften the blow of international calls and provide a quick and convenient way to chat with friends at a distance.

4. Bundle your Services

If you obtain all of your media services from one provider, you can usually benefit from membership discounts and special package deals. Consider bundling your cable, internet, and mobile phone contracts all in one package.

5. Consider a Prepaid Plan

Going prepaid means that you’ll never be hit with a surprise at the end of the month. Prepaid plans can be ideal for teenagers or for those who make international phone calls. You can make cheap calls to USA from Lebara mobile or other prepaid providers at a lower per-minute rate than your regular plan.

6. Sign up for Unlimited Texting

One of the easiest ways to rack up additional charges each month is on texting. All those tiny messages can really add up! In most cases, it’s more cost-effective to pay a little bit extra for unlimited texting rather than pay the fees when going over your limit.

7. Pay Attention to Data Usage

Like texting, data usage is another extra that can sneak up on you without realising it. Simply checking your email a couple of times a day is unlikely to go over your allowance, but if you use your Smartphone constantly you may be hit with a large bill.

8. Don’t Forget your Landline

Carrying a mobile phone is convenient, but you can usually make local calls for free on a landline. This is also useful for international calls. Although you can make cheap calls to Pakistan from Lebara mobile, you could also use a calling card from your landline to place cheap calls. Don’t forget to compare options.

9. Use a Tracking Service

If you’re constantly going over your minutes, you need to start keeping better track of your calls. You can sign up for a free app or online tracking service, which will send you a text when you’re nearing the end of your allowance.

10. Stay Away from Contracts

Although they come with the incentive of a free phone, you can save money by purchasing your own phone and avoiding getting locked into a contract. In many cases, you’ll be paying for more minutes than you ever use and you’ll be stuck for two years.

By comparing all options and customising your plan to suit your personal needs, you can save while staying in touch with loved ones around the world.

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