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1Getting people to visit your blog is one of the challenges that bloggers face when they start up. But if you want to start making money from writing your blog, you need to get people to start viewing your content. Here is our unmissable guide to getting more viewers on your blog.

Share content on social media

If you want more viewers on your blog, you need to start sharing content on social media to attract people from around the world. Set up a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter page for your blog where you can post all your stuff.  And as this article says, you need to post it a couple of times as people may miss it the first time. Of course, you don’t want to scare followers away so only post it once a day. Change the tweet or post so that it doesn’t look like you are spamming your blog. Remember to ask people to share or retweet your blog so a wider audience will see your blog.

Find a good online marketing agency

Another way to get more viewers to your blog is to work with a good online marketing agency. They will be able to help you with search engine optimization so that more people see your blog. You can use sites such as 5 Digital Quotes who will send you a few companies who may be able to help you get more viewers to your blog. You then choose one which you will think will do the best job.

Write brilliant content

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One of the easiest ways to get more viewers to your blog is to make sure you are writing excellent content. If it’s not relevant to your target audience, they will not visit your blog. Therefore, make sure you think carefully before choosing the subject to write about.  You need to make sure the blogs you are writing are not too long and has plenty of paragraphs to make it an easy read. Give it a good title to get people gripped and wanting to click on your blog when they come across it. Remember to ask questions so that you get people responding on your blog.

Make sure it looks great

Another thing you need to know about getting more people visiting your blog is to ensure it looks great. If people come across your blog, and it doesn’t look very professional, they won’t bother looking at your blog and will instantly click off. Research to find a company who will help you to make your blog so that it looks more appealing to potential viewers.

Let them view it on all platforms

You can also get more viewers on your blog by optimizing it so that people can view it on all platforms. As this article reveals, people are spending more than three hours a day on their mobile and tablet. Therefore, you need to make sure there is a good version of your blog available to view on these devices.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to gain viewers and will ensure you start earning money.


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