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Are you an article writer, blog owner, marketing director or just a future writer? Whether we are talking about any of these categories or about something totally different, there is no doubt over years all of them will bring back to you a sense of nostalgia. All of us crave for the passed times, in which everything seemed to be a lot more easier to work with, as well as living. But the new is impossible to stop, so there will always be made a comparison between then and now.

For years now, writing has been proved to be one of the best ways to preserve memories in their most genuine stage. There is not a single one of us not having experienced the moment of having their memory going backwards when going through some emotional stuff, such as discovering an old gift in a pocket or even a small dress she was wearing when studying at school. But, how about an article? How it is even possible for it to wake up in us so many feelings? Well… nostalgia is one of the worldwide renowned feelings an old article may come with.

As days go by, we are able to see back in the days what we have managed to improve and so, as an article may be written by a beginner at a certain moment, the very next one is definitely one of which he can be proud of – since it is written better than the previous one!


One thing that usually happens when article brings back the memories consists in pushing you into working more, start writing something that has a bond with it. In short, you can use it as a motivational aspect in your writing job! Not only will you feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins, but also the divine intervention materialized in inspiration we all crave for when writing. So, what are you still waiting for? A good article will remain in mind for a period of time, but a great one will definitely be an unforgettable one! Nostalgia is something that can be beaten, but first of all it is utterly important to take advantage of it, since it comes with what we all crave for – it is called inspiration!

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On the other hand, something different about past articles consists in the moment they were written, the subject and the last but not least, the level of writing. You will definitely spot an improvement, as well as a good time while reading it since some of the paragraphs may appear rather funny to you now!


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