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When selling architectural services in today’s highly digital environment, there are several things that must be remembered. There’s no question that the role of the salespeople in the organization is crucial. However, there are other marketing tips to keep in mind to help with marketing efforts, as well.

  1. Take Advantage of Social Media and All it Has to Offer

Architects can’t underestimate how important digital marketing is for their firm. The free social media pages they create can be a great source of new clients; however, this is only possible if the pages are used properly. In some cases, using the services of professionals, such as is the best move, but learning a few DIY social media tips can also be beneficial in growing a business.

One of the biggest mistakes an architect can make is to create a social media page and then forget about it. Any followers attracted early on are going to abandon the page and begin looking for services elsewhere. Instead, remain active and engage with followers to make the most of the social media presence created.

  1. Determine the Market Position

There are many who discuss the four P’s of marketing for architectural firms and architects. This structure outlines the main four elements that any architect should keep in mind when creating new marketing strategies. The position in the market is one of the four Ps to keep in mind.

It’s important to let clients know exactly what the architecture firm stands for and what it has to offer. There are some firms that try to turn into a multitasking marvel, listing every architectural discipline imaginable. While this may attract some clients, the likelihood that the firm can deliver high-quality results will be minimal.

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To avoid this, define a specialty. Let clients know hat this specialty is and use it as the firm’s position.

  1. Make Use of Lead Generation Services

This may be an older marketing strategy but lead generation services are effective. In fact, there are some that point to this as the fastest way to generate new customers in this industry. There are several forms of lead generation.

From cold calling and digital marketing, making use of various lead generation strategies is a great way for an architect firm to generate new customers. The service provider will provide information on what to do, or even take over these services.

  1. Invest in the Company’s Website Portfolio

There are some architectural firms that think they are behind times when it comes to digital marketing. They see their website as just another business card and only use it for offering basic details. However, this platform should be used to build the brand with examples of past work and other resources that will help customers see why this company stands out from the competition.

  1. Speak in Public

If no one knows about a business, there’s a reason. Those at the firm may need to get out in the public, attend speaking events, and spread the word about the services they offer. Public speaking engagements can be invaluable when it comes to selling architectural services.

  1. Create an Effective and Compelling Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is an essential part of any business sales process. This isn’t a bulky sales pitch that is used during a conversation but a fast easy to understand description about what the firm does. Make sure that the elevator pitch is short, concise, and to the point.

  1. Get Published
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Nothing is going to help build an architect’s reputation faster than being published. There are more than a few options available to architects today, so it is highly advisable to take advantage of these opportunities

One option is to conduct a study and publish a whitepaper on it. Doing this is going to add to the firm’s authority. If the firm or individual is seen as an expert in the industry, then people are going to come to them when they need the services being offered.

  1. Circulate the Newsletter

Digital marketing for architecture firms is a crucial part of building a brand and finding success. While having a great website is important, it’s also necessary to keep people engaged and interested. An effective way to do this is by publishing a monthly newsletter featuring information and resources from and about the company.

  1. Don’t Discard or Ignore Older Leads

There are many firms that are going to get rid of an old lead if nothing comes of it. While this is understandable, don’t be so hasty. Sometimes someone may not convert simply because they don’t need the services right then -; it doesn’t mean they won’t ever need the services.

Rather than disregarding someone’s details, think about if it is worth following up with at a later time. Wait a few weeks and then send another email asking if the client is still interested. It may be just enough to get them to convert.

  1. Utilize the Latest and Most Innovative Technologies

The concepts and methods for selling architectural design are constantly changing. Just a few years ago, creating models using digital design software was enough. Today, things like virtual reality and AI are coming into play and transforming how things are done once again. It’s imperative to take advantage of this to ensure potential clients have access to the latest innovations available in the industry.

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Building a Brand

Just like other business owners, architects and architect firms must put time and effort into building their brand. Be sure to keep the information here in mind to see why this is so important and how beneficial it can be. Being informed and often, hiring the right third-party service provider, will pay off.

Achieving success in this industry is challenging without an effective and proven digital marketing strategy in place. With the tips here, it will be a bit easier. Being informed is the first step in finding success in this ever-evolving industry.


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