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Kids are lovely; they don’t have any knowledge about money, they don’t understand about good and bad times. One of the important needs of life is money and that they have to understand it. It’s the parent’s responsibility to teach their kids about the morals of saving money and the importance of it. They should be aware of the difficulties faced in life while earning money and how easily one spends it. Children learn from their parents and from they people they see in day to day life.

Here are few steps which can be followed to teach your kids about saving money which will not only help them know the values but also you will be proud of them with the smart and cozy investments done by them.


  1. The foremost thing is to let your child know about how you earn money; show them that how difficult is to earn money and educate them the value of money.
  2. Explain them how fruitful will be saving, show them the benefits of saving money and what rewards they will get if they save some penny.
  3. While giving pocket money to your kids, give a piggy bank with that and tell them to save it for fulfilling their dream, by this they’ll definitely start putting some penny’s in their piggy banks.
  4. Take them out and show how you plan for purchasing things, let them purchase few things with you and calculate the prices, with that they tend to learn about usage of money.
  5. Open student’s account for them and put some money and say them to save from their pocket money. With this, they’ll definitely try to pour amounts in their account as no one wants their bank account to be empty.
  6. Let them know what are important things in life, what are genuine needs. Explain them the difference between needs and wants. Not only parents but teachers and elders can also teach them the values of saving money.
  7. Don’t give your kids much cash and credit cards without knowing any reason; they try to utilize the money in unnecessary things.
  8. It’s always better to ask them how they are spending money on what kind of things, just keep a note what your child is doing and make them understand the morals and values of life so that they can make their future bright.
  9. You can also teach them how to earn money. Give them small kind of household works and say them that you will pay for it. By this they will learn the art of working and earning money and they will realize that how there parents are earning for them.
  10. Children follow their parents, so first parents should be habituated of saving money through kind of investments and fixed deposits. By this, your child gets motivated and even they do the same thing by saving a small portion of their pocket money.
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