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Make our business profitable is what we have in mind all that we undertake. To achieve this, it is necessary to note that there are four crucial points on which we build our business to succeed.

Knowing these four aspects will allow us to focus our energy and resources on the most important of them, so that we transform our ideas into profitable businesses. It is, in short, not waste our time, effort and money.

1. Technology

This first pillar covers the tools and systems we use to create our business, do you use it and get everything runs smoothly.

Applied to online business, technology obviously covers a wide range of tools:

* Creating web pages, getting your own domain, hosting fee, blogging, customizing them, etc..

* Social network: not only the most common and known to all as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace or Google +; but also many others that are becoming more entrenched as Pinterest, LinkedIn, Flickr, Tumblr and many others.

* Web applications to store slide shows, as SlideShare, Scribd or SplashCast; or to create online infographics, as Piktochart, Easel.Ly or Visual.Ly, among others.

* Creating Email Lists for Marketing subscribers.
* Create capture pages and sales pages for your products or services.
* Creating podcast.
* Drafting of digital books.
* E myriad of tools at your disposal, depending on the approach you want to give your business or characteristics.

Fortunately, these are tools that are available to all, and to be used, only require a small learning. Today, find tutorials for any of them on the internet and in no time you can master them.

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Also, if you cannot beat some, you always have the possibility to delegate the job of someone who’s mastered, you will require some investment but will save time and will probably give a better result, getting a more professional finish.

In any case, the technology is not the most worrying point is 4 and we will consume fewer resources. Only values is what interests you perform tasks for yourself and which instruct a third you the manages.

2. Product

If there is no product, no business. That we understand it all and tell us what is the importance of this point. The product is to meet the need of the customer in exchange for a fee. Is all that we offer, whether physical or digital, our or another, to our potential customers to bring a value you need.

To achieve a profitable business, it is not necessary to cover a multitude of products or services. You can have a successful business with just one product. There worldwide products that generate millions in revenue a year, hence the importance of the product’s total. This is where we focus most of our efforts.

Our main idea when creating an online business, you should be getting or creating a quality product that sells well.

For this we need to know what the market demands, we have to fill a real need. The information available at present allows us to detect and once we do, we design our products based on it.

However, we must focus on providing the best possible product, not one more market. Always try to give our customers the greatest possible value to meet your needs. Herein lies the key to a profitable business: a great product on wings can carry your business for a long time, while a bad product can end up ruining it.

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3. Marketing

We know the importance of marketing in the modern world. Around the marketing, sales and rotate revenue generating business. If you do not run our product to our audience and we do it the right way, not advance.

We need to first identify our target audience, our industry, our target. This will not prevent others away to our product, but you have to focus the lens as possible.

To do this, we need to know where to find the public; we know them and identify their concerns, aspirations, etc..; and then we create our custom marketing message, you activate your desire for purchasing our product. (To be exact, see: Know the Secret To Marketing That Works: AIDA).

4. Relationships

Getting an online business thrive and be really profitable, also requires collaboration with other persons or entities, to help us multiply our marketing message. To do this, we must always rely on building relationships and strategic partnerships based on trust and mutual benefit.

After seeing these four key points throughout online business, it is you who must make the decision of how to allocate all your resources, effort and money to grow your business, according to the importance they actually have.


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