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Who doesn’t love free stuff? We all do! Which is why promotional items can prove to be a great way to market your business and spread the word. However, simply sticking your company logo on whatever item comes your way won’t do the trick. In fact, it may cause your campaign to backfire and fizzle out. When it comes to picking promotional merchandise you want to take some time to carefully pick an item that not only has a strong impact but also gives a higher return on your investment.

So how do you go about with choosing the best promo items for marketing your business? Here’s how:

1: Keep Your Target Market in Mind

When choosing promotional products for your business, don’t make the mistake of trying to be “everything to everyone”. Like every business, even your business has a core group that you have to target – the one that is most likely to buy your products/services.

Marketing gives better results when it is focused on a smaller, targeted group rather than a broad one where you try on reeling in people who aren’t interested in what you’re selling.

So think about your target audience when selecting your promotional items. Who is the core group that you should be going after? What product types would they find appealing? What items can generate their interest or what do they want/need?

2: Don’t Ignore Quality

The last thing you want is your business setting a bad impression. The items you pick can and will say much about your business and its choices. You want to ensure that they help you present a positive image of your company and not vice versa. Now this doesn’t mean that you blow your whole marketing budget on on promotional items, but it also doesn’t mean that you go cheap on quality.

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The promo items you choose don’t have to be too fancy. Just don’t go for junk in the hope to make the most out of your investment. Focus on quality rather than quantity. It’s much better to a smaller number of quality items promoting your business rather than lots of low quality ones.

3: Go for Something Useful

The main idea behind using promotional items is that they help your business build brand awareness so that more people buy your products/services. If you want this to happen, you need to give away items that potential customers can make use of in their day to day life. For example if you run a tech company then it makes sense to give away branded products like USB sticks.

While there’s nothing wrong in giving away items like candy wrappers and water bottles, they shouldn’t be the “sole giveaways”. Use them as complements to your other permanent product giveaways that are actually useful.

4: Reflect Your Brand

Just the way it’s important to be useful, it’s also important to be keep your products/service in mind when choosing any promo item. You can always give away calendars and pens like many companies do, and they work too, but the promotional items you choose should also reflect your brand while being useful.

For instance, if your company produces eco-friendly products then giving an item that’s reusable or can be recycled makes sense. Even if it relates to your brand in a small way, your item will have a stronger impact.

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