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With the concept of flexible working become more popular, you may already have taken the necessary steps to creating a home office around your property.

To ensure that productivity never dips while trying to fulfil work commitments in the comfort of your own home, here are four ways to make your personal office an efficient place to function.

Step 1 – Think about your style of work

Before you pick up a hammer and get to work on creating your perfect home office, take a few moments to think of your ideal working environment.

Do you like the idea of taking breaks away from your desk every once in a while to collect your thoughts? If so, think about setting up your office near to your kitchen or – if you have the space – put a couch into a roomconverted into a home office to create a chill-out area.

If you are more a fan of working in a space splashed in natural light rather than a concoction of lamps, then it is common sense to set up your personal office in a room with a window or two – this strategy will have a positive effect on your energy bills too.

Step 2 – Keep everything organised

Quite simply, a neat and tidy home office will enable you to complete work tasks much quicker and with a lot less stress.

Instead of leaving papers piled up around your desktop or laptop in no order at all, invest in a unit where you can stack documents nice and smart for easy access – be it in alphabetical order or by importance.

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A planner on a wall near your desk is also great if you find it difficult to keep on top of a schedule without some pointers too. In addition, cabinets under your desk can be used for storing all of those essential bits and pieces that you do not need to use every second of your working day.

Step 3 – Ensure all the equipment is in tip-top condition

Speed is key for boosting productivity around a home office. As a result, you should ensure that every device around your desk is working to the best of its ability.

For times when things inevitably go wrong – all forms of technology can only take so much wear and tear – make sure you have the contact details for a computer support team close at hand.

One IT Support, for example, stock a wide variety of electrical equipment for both businesses and home-based workers, for when an old device needs replacing. Of course, you can also seek out PC and laptop repair services if you feel that your trusty gadget just needs some work done instead of casting it to the scrapheap.

Step 4 – Become a greener worker

As well as becoming efficient with your work, try to become energy-efficient in your lifestyle when creating your perfect home office.

Well-known energy firm npower has a handy guide detailing how you can create a green working space around your property, which goes through everything from the must-buy equipment to how to be environmentally-friendly while also being productive with your work. Take a look at all the tips here.

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