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Since my first day in Internet Marketing (10 years ago), I was in love with blogging, SEO and doing marketing. Pretty quickly I got obsessed with traffic generation simply because I knew that traffic is key to money. If your website is not visited enough, you are never going to make enough money. That was pretty easy to figure it out.

That’s why people are so serious about getting traffic on their website. Through years, I managed to understand that traffic may be the most important factor but only if it’s relevant to your website. There is no point in bringing Chinese traffic for UK market where you sell products for people located in United Kingdom. That’s common sense. That’s why traffic is really valuable nowadays. It’s pretty hard to target the right audience and only then, convert them to money.

In today’s post I will be focusing on some new and advanced ways to promote your blog content. You probably haven’t heard about them if you are new to internet marketing world. So pay attention because this can be pretty valuable.

1. Sniply

Sniply is a very simple traffic generation website. It gives you an option to share your content with your specific call to action and drive traffic to your website. It’s not hard to use. On contrary, it’s pretty easy and it’s pretty useful. I highly suggest you to sign up to Sniply because it will help you increase your social media ROI, your number of subscribers and your daily traffic.

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2. Outbrain 

You have probably already saw what Outbrain has to offer but you probably didn’t knew that was from Outbrain. Do you often see a box at the bottom of the webpage that contains post from all around the web with images, links and everything?

Outbrain is responsible for that.

3. Subreddits

You have probably already heard about Reddit because it’s pretty popular and it’s there for years. Well, lot of people are not leveraging Reddit as a source of potential traffic.

Why is that the case?

Reddit looks and feels ugly. I agree. It’s build really simple. But you know what? It can bring thousands of visitors to your website in minutes if your content becomes viral.

So start using Reddit because it’s awesome way to drive traffic.

4. Triberr

Triberr is a place where fellow bloggers and marketers come and share their content with others. It’s build pretty simple and it looks like that. I didn’t believe in the power of Triberr until I actually tried it. After that, I manage to create the biggest Blogging and Marketing tribe on Triberr that is full of people sharing, commenting and interacting.

5. Blog Aggregators 

Aggregators are simply landing pages that are used for collecting best blogging content across the web. There are huge number of these to choose from so you have lot of options even if you are part of some not so popular niche.

Do you like these 5? I hope you do because you can generate lot of website traffic using those.


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