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Hi everyone,  I’m finally writing a post here, yes I know that it has been a long time since you saw me writing something like this. I’ve been busy with some other projects online and my editor is trying to keep up with all of your comments and guest post contributions.

And I thank you all for understanding and for still visiting this blog. If you by any chance want to become a regular contributor, just drop as an email.

Makemoneyinlife is doing great and I never expected to have something like this in my life, as an online entrepreneur and tech geek I always imagined blogs are just another types of websites, boy I was wrong.

This blog changed my life both financially and emotionally, I’m so attached to it that it’s unimaginable what would happen if I would decided to move one.

I know that many of you found help here and information that probably helped you too in your life and finances.

We’re in our 4 year of online existence and we’re still going to be here, no matter of search engines and technology changes. we’ll find the way 🙂

Anyway, I will write another blog post related to MakeMoneyInLife and what is going on behind the scenes, but for now, let’s start with blogging and what 2014 is doing to the blogosphere.

Blogging and Content Marketing

I know that many of you noticed different types of posts both on my blog and others. That’s because content marketing is headed big way in our industry.

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A lot of online digital companies are using blogs and websites to promote their client products or services.

What does this means for Bloggers?

It means that you now have another great revenue source, honestly content marketing is something that kept this blog paying his bills and mines too. I know that sometimes it can be hard to admit that we’re selling our blogging space for content that sometimes is not even worthy.

But hey, we all have bills to pay, and at least you know that I’m always telling the truth to my readers, just like right now, I’m telling you that if you want to make money online with blogging or writing then this is the time and place.

Keep an eye open for content marketing, because it’s headed big way to change the  way we look at content.

Is Content In Danger?

Can content marketing destroy the Search Engines or content overall? I don’t think so, even with the paid and sponsored posts, blogs are creating unique and useful content just like I’m doing right now with this blog post.

Please excuse me some grammar mistakes, but I’m writing this in a hurry, you know that time flies by fast when you’re working online.


Search engines like Google are constantly keeping pressure on bloggers and writers.


Because we’re the ones that are taking the portions of their online advertising, as you might now content marketing is one of the ways we’re still helping online business get noticed and save a bunch of money. And business like that, they don’t have to spend a fortune on Adwords or other online advertising services.

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New Look of Content and Blogs?

Now you probably noticed that most of the blogs nowadays are just creating “Catchy” titles and putting controversial photos in their articles.  This is what concerns me more, because readers get disappointed when they see interesting title and once they’re inside the article you have one  paragraph with barely 200 words in it.

I like big photos, they are really popular right now, web is headed to more Visual side of the web. As you probably noticed, we also changed our blog to have more appealing photos and titles. But we’re not deceiving our readers and that’s what’s important.

Its ok if you have a nice looking blog with catchy titles and photos, but at least provide your readers with some value.

Making Money With Blogging in 2014!

I must say that if you’re a photographer, this is the gold rush for you, we as a bloggers and website owners are constantly looking for nice and visually appealing photos.

You can visit sites like Fotolia to upload and sell your photos, they’re one of the best. But if you just want to make money with blogging and writing posts just like I do, then these sites are the must:

LinkVehicle – Makes me hundreds of green every month.

PostJoint – My baby :). best website for making money with content marketing.

Teliad – watch out for these guys, they’re going big and they will find you advertisers, forget on Buysellads, these guys will help you monetize your blog on every possible way without destroying UX (user experience).

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I’m giving you my golden eggs here, please be careful, don’t be evil, provide your visitors and readers with unique and quality content.

Where’s Blogging Headed in 2014?

It’s headed towards more visual and appealing blog content, using blogs and websites as promotional tools. Blogs are now the main ingredient for every successful online start up or business. You can create membership sites or forums around blogs, you can sell your products, digital or physical it doesn’t matter.

Yes we’re seeing more and more commercial use of blogging, but you can always keep those two sides from each other. Blogs are still useful, happy, nerdish online logs you can visit if you want to connect with the same minded people and if you want to learn something new.

Remember, don’t sell your soul sort of way to content marketing or search engines, but don’t let yourself fall down and beg for money when you can create a nice business online.

Sorry once again for writing in a hurry, but if I missed something, please leave a comment and let me know.

Have a great rest of the week 😉


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