Have you always wanted to do something great with your garden but you keep on putting it off because you had to prioritize your home’s interiors? Or, when you’re done redecorating, you don’t seem to have enough left for renovating your neglected garden space? Well, you don’t really need to spend a fortune to turn your empty backyard into the garden of your dreams. Here are five surefire ways to give a new life to your garden without breaking the bank!


Create a whimsical outdoor space.

Have you ever been given a ceramic or plastic vase that just doesn’t fit anywhere in your house? Take it to the garden! Whimsical odds and ends that you already have around the house such as figurines, wind chimes, colored bottles, abstract sculptures, wicker baskets, old rugs, wood boxes, and even broken vases can easily be integrated into a garden.


Make an outdoor living or dining area.

Extend your home and make use of your garden by making an outdoor living or dining area. You can find weather-hardy picnic tables, benches, and wrought-irondining sets at thrift shops. Repaint the outdoor furniture in a cool and relaxing shade such as turquoise, and decorate with potted plants, tea light candles, and colored jars. You can even use surrounding material like a tree stump and old cinder blocks. An outdoor dining area is the best place for a barbecue!


Build a trellis.

Having a trellis can instantly add that soft, romantic appeal to your garden. You can build one inexpensively by visiting a salvage yard for a rusty fence material. Have some vines climb over it and cover the rusty parts. Of course, the old, weathered look can also give a rustic effect. A trellis can also be used as a divider. Salvaged chicken wire and repurposed wooden posts will work best.

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Install a birdbath.

You’ll make new winged friends and entice them to visit your garden every day with a birdbath. A birdbath is a nice touch to a flower garden and the presence of birds would add more life to your garden space. You can make a simple yet functional birdbath from an old salad bowl and a small stool or side table you don’t use anymore. You can choose to paint it or not, especially if you think the two already goes well together. Don’t forget to fill it up with fresh, clean water!.


Add a small swimming pool.

Now, adding a pool to your garden space may sound expensive to do, but it’s really cost-effective, especially if you use a gas pool heater. For every $1000 in annual pool heating costs, you can save up to $420 annually! Imagine having your own private pool where you can take a dip in any time of the year. Gas pool heaters are ideal for heating pools quickly, so they’re a good choice for swimming pools that aren’t used on a regular basis. They’re also able to maintain any desired temperature in any climate or weather condition! Residential propane prices show that when it comes to having a pool in your garden, propane-powered pool heaters are the way to go.


Those are just a few impressive but inexpensive ways to renovate your garden. As you can see, you can do a lot even on a shoestring budget!



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