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The 9-5pm schedule office work can definitely be too frustrating and tiring. Just the idea that you have to wake up early in order to avoid the rush hour in the morning and being stuck in traffic or on the subway waiting for a train. Any employee would not like the idea that at early hours just before they go to work there should be a lot ot sacrifices that should be one.

However, the trend now seems to change and more people opted to work on their home rather than in an office. It’s a good thing that is now a lot of companies who happened to offer, whether it is for a full-time or part-time position and it does not require them to be  at the office all the time.

So, here are some smart guide on why working at home is irresistible.


  1. Less Transportation Expense – who would like to spend hours dealing with the traffic jam, dealing with the busy crowd in the subways/train station and even waste some money on a cab. Rush hour is something that will ruin every employee’s morning schedule. Unlike when working at home, there is no need to think of how much you will spend for the transportation alone. It is not a problem when your work at home,just the thought that planning a budget for your transportations is something that should not be a problem at all.


  1. Flexible Time – time is precious to almost every, but when you have that fixed schedule at work, it something that you cannot have at all time. But, when you work at home there is no problem when it comes to managing your time. No reasons at all to feel pressured since you are the captain of your own ship and all things just depends on you alone. Time will never be a big issue at all.
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  1. Financial Freedom – when you are working outside your home, of course the reality that you have to be wise when it comes in spending and be on a tight budget all the time. The convenient thing about working at home is that you think less of financial matter since you were able to save from transportation expenses and other miscellaneous expenses after all.


  1. No Distraction – when you are the type of person who thinks that working with others are too annoying, being in a company is something that is not advisable. Home can be that comfortable place enough to work without any distractions, especially when you are leaving alone.


  1. Freedom to Do Anything – when you work at home, you don’t have to think of what will otherpeopel say. You don’t need to put a lot of effort for others to like you. There is no one who will prohibit you to do this and that, you are free to do everything to your heart’s content.


  1. Does Not Need To Hassle Anyone – it can be difficult to gain some friends when you are in a corporate world. When you are the type of person who seems to be introvert, it can be the hardest thing to do. Think of this as when you are at home, you don’t need to think of others and just focus on your own work. At the end of the day your biggest concern will be your own instead of others.


  1. You Can Sleep and Wake Up Anytime – this can definitely be the perks of working at home. No need to worry at all waking up when you alarm clock rings and prepare for work. You can stay up till late hours since you have all the time the following say since you can decide when you want to start the work.
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It seems really a convenient thing to work at home since you don’t have to really everything on how you perform in the end. But regardless where you work it is important that you have to make your work a priority the most. At time what matters the most is that how comfortable you are with your workplace and if it make you happy in the end.


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