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For many students, it’s hard to make money while studying, because in most cases, you will lose valuable time while working.

Well, the Internet changed everything, now you can make money just by working from home, all you need is a laptop and a skill.

And the best thing is, that whole world can be your potential next customer and you can do more than one job a day.

You will save time and you will be able to study well, without having to think will you manage to do and pay for something.


This next website is called RentaStudent, it’s something like freelancer, a marketplace where students can make money by working on projects that companies posted on the website.

It pays off to be a freelancer online, you choose the project you know you can finish, payments are made right after project is finished.

You can earn money online whenever you want and you choose the projects that will bring you the better profit.


Which projects can I apply to? 
Once registered on the site – all of them! But you improve your chances of being selected by only applying for projects which you are truly qualified for and you are confident of being able to complete adequately and in a timely manner.

How will I be able to send the company my work? 
RentAStudent provides a secured collaboration page for each student-company partnership. With this collaboration page, guidelines and other project details can be discussed and agreed upon by both parties. Work can be uploaded and exchanged using this feature and all exchanges are logged in a message history.

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Do I have to use the platform to send my work? 
They provide a collaboration page so the process to complete the project is as transparent as possible. Therefore, for any reason there might be an issue, they can adequately mediate and assist in getting the project completed so that both parties are satisfied – and the student gets paid!

How am I paid? 
Once the project is completed, they will provide an invoice to the company on their behalf. The company is then asked to provide credit card information for payment – you will be paid the amount agreed upon with the company and indicated in the contract less the RentAStudent commission. Alternatively, you can ask the company to determine stages for the project so that it pays you as you complete them. You might also receive a bonus from the company.

When will I get paid? 
Once the company has completed the payment process, for either a milestone or for the whole project, you will be paid within five (5) business days.

Hope you will find it very helpful, tell me what do you think about the website.

And do you think that online freelance work is good opportunity for student to make money online, is this type of “work from home” job we will see more in the days to come?



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