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Do you feel that working from home is actually more taxing than a regular 9 to 5 job? Do not feel despondent because you are not alone. There are thousands of “work at home??? professionals who are facing the same problems and some of them even succumb to the pressure and join the league of regular office goers. Have you ever wondered why you are feeling stressed while working at home? Yes, you do not love what you are doing, probably it is the pathetic pay package or the nature of the job, which is making you feel so bad. If this has been the case, here I am going to suggest some unusual ways of earning money without leaving the comfort of your home:

Rent a Friend: This may sound a little out of the box idea but believe me this is a legitimate way of earning some hard cash. All you have to do is to create a friendship profile and you can charge up to $50 per hour to be rented for some social events like birthday bash, sporting event or watching a movie or going out for a dinner. This is an awesome opportunity for liberal minded professionals who would not mind spending time with people to get some cash.

Moolala: This is another great resource for earning money without getting yourself too involved in the process. Moolala is basically a daily deal website where you will get paid for referring your friends, readers of your blog. Just get registered with this website and then start sharing the links of Moolala with your friends and family and get rewarded 2% of the total amount purchased. Its 5 level reward system is what people are always looking forward to. This means, you will not just get rewarded for the purchases made by your friend but for all purchases made by your friends, but also for their friends, their friend’s friends. To be honest, this opportunity is great for bloggers but an average Joe can also make some money out of it. Give this a try.

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Air BNB: Do you have an extra room in your house? If yes, you can easily earn some extra cash from it by renting it out to people. Just get your room or house listed on Air BNB and starts getting leads from the customers. Listing is free, however, Air BNB will collect 3% from the amount of reservation amount. But I feel is that this is fair deal given the fact that you are getting this awesome platform for free.  Meet new people and earn some money.

Vayable: Are you passionate about your city or state? Then I hope you would not mind sharing your experience with others. Vayable is the place where you can earn some extra cash by playing the role of a guide. You are free to decide your rate for hour and Vayable will make 15% deduction from the booking fee

Agent Anything: This is only for the collect student though, I find it a good fit here. This website allows people post random tasks that they need to be completed. It can be anything like, increasing social presence, writing an essay and price of the projects cab be negotiated. This is an initiative of Ebay brand. This website lets you sell your products instantly and get hard cash. Music, books, movies, games, phew! You can sell almost anything here. Just let the people know what you want to sell and start receiving offers. Payment can be made either via Paypal or gift certificate. Those who will choose to get paid via gift certificate will receive 15% bonus added to your payment amount.

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Plastic Jungle: Do you have umpteen numbers of gift cards laying around and want to get rid of them? If this has been the case, plastic jungle is the best website out there to cash in. Select the type of gift card you have, put the pin number and gift card number and see how much you can earn from it. You can notch up to 80% of the gift card worth for. Payment can be made either by cash, paypal or by Amazon gift card.


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