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7 Ways to Make Money for Stay at Home Parents

3 Mins read

Working from Home

Since the recession hit in 2008, jobs have been increasingly hard to come by and more and more people are discovering that there is money to be made by working from home.  Parents in particular are finding that they no longer need to pay to leave their children in expensive nurseries while they go out and try to earn a living (or simply to pay for the luxury of leaving their children in expensive nurseries!) There is money to be made taking part in all sorts of home projects and the more time you are able to put into these projects, the greater the rewards. The following seven examples will hopefully get you started on the right track, although through a little research, you will discover that there are many more potential opportunities.

Child Minding    

This is the most obvious choice for the stay at home parent. Being paid to put a little extra effort into doing what you are already doing has the potential to make you a good living. Although not for everyone, many parents find great joy in this experience. You only need to look at what nurseries are charging these days to see how profitable this endeavour could be.

Online Businesses & Blogs

Due to limited time, many stay at home parents are turning to online businesses in order to make some extra money. This pursuit isn’t difficult, but can seem a little daunting initially when you have no experience of anything similar. Getting good advice from an impartial source and someone to point you in the right direction will be hugely beneficial and stop you from wasting your time. If you choose something you enjoy and see yourself doing every day, there is more chance of it becoming a success.

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Setting up blogs or review sites is a wonderful route into starting an online business.  Choose a product (or products) that fall into the same category and review things like the best place to buy, the most popular models, the best value for money, etc. You may be surprised by how much you know about various items already and what you don’t know, can easily be looked up online. The way money is made from this is by including links to various sites where people can buy the actual product.

Home Crafts

If you are artistic by nature, you can easily make some extra money from arts and crafts.  Not only would you be able to start up your own website and blog, but you would also be able to use sites such as ebay to sell your product. Educate yourself a little on how best to market this. You may wish to experiment a little with the things you feel passionate about before you commit to the product. There are countless things you can try e.g. small items such as wooden ornaments, magnets, jewellery, bath products, clothes and hair decorations, as well as larger items such as customised or decorated furniture. The list will only be as limited as your own imagination.

Product Testing

Product testing from home can be difficult to find and difficult to make much money from, largely due to the amount of products you would need to test in order for it to be of benefit to you. However, there is work out there and this would be a good option combined with something more regular, e.g. surveys or article writing. Large companies including Tesco and Boots employ product testers and it may be worth bombarding them a little to find a way in, as this could turn out to be fairly lucrative. Some companies will, of course, pay you in free products instead of cash.

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Online Surveys

There are currently many popular online survey sites where it is possible to make a regular amount of money, however you will not get rich from online surveys. Some of the best sites are Vivatic (who also have a wonderful online writing section which is available after you pass a writing test) and Pinecone who pay well but their surveys are fairly scarce. My Surveys and Opinion Outpost are also very good and all of these pay money directly into your Paypal account. There are other good sites, but some may pay you in gifts, vouchers or competition entries.

Data Entry

Due to the joys of the internet, data entry can now also be done from home. This can be a good earner if you research the best paying companies. Be suspicious of companies asking for money upfront for this type of work. There are many companies legitimately looking for this type of home worker as it saves on overhead costs for them. A proper recruitment site might just be your best option if you wish to make a decent living carrying out this type of work.

Customer Service Agent Jobs

Some large business, especially the ones who do all of their trading online, employ people to work as part of their company, linked in online and by telephone to deal with customer enquiries, sales and complaints. This is another job that is best found through a legitimate recruitment agency and there are many options available.

Whatever type of home working you decide upon, make sure you research the company, product, market, etc. in order to have more chance of making it a success – and good luck. There is plenty of home work available.

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