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Criminal law can be very confusing and complicated for laypeople to wrap their heads around. Most people are only exposed to criminal law through television, so they’re not exactly sure how it works.

The same can be said for criminal defence attorneys. Here are 9 myths people still believe about criminal defence attorneys.

1. All Criminal Defence Attorneys Are The Same

Not all criminal defence attorneys are the same, to be honest. Some are expert sex crime attorneys while others work in different areas of criminal law. There are also good attorneys and not-so-good attorneys, just like in any other profession. Whether you get a good one or not is dependent on experience and skill. Lumping them all together does a disservice to the profession.

2. Criminal Defence Attorneys Can’t Be Trusted

Everyone has made the stereotypical lawyer joke every now and again. The problem is that people think those are true. Criminal defence lawyers seem to get the worst of it, mostly because no one can understand why anyone would want to defend a criminal. However, they’re not doing the job because they want a bad person to go free, they do the job in order to uphold the laws of the country as well as provide a fair defence.

3. No One Can Afford a Lawyer

This is not true; lawyers are willing to work out payment plans for clients if they are not able to pay their fees in one sitting.

4. Public Defenders Are Better Than Lawyers Because They Work For Free

Public defenders are criminal defence attorneys are not the same. Public defenders should only be considered a last resort, since they work for the state. As a result, they end up being overburdened with cases and may not be able to provide your case with all of the attention that it deserves.

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5. Anyone Can Defend You Against A Criminal Charge

Not every lawyer is capable of dealing with every type of law. You wouldn’t want an attorney who specializes in probate to take your criminal case.

6. All Attorneys Provide Free Consultations

This is not true. If you expect to have a consultation with an attorney, expecting it to be free, then you should ask beforehand when you’re making an appointment.

7. Better Lawyers Are More Expensive

This isn’t necessarily the case. The value of your case doesn’t amount to quality work being provided. What you should be looking at is an attorney’s track record and experience, not how much they charge.

8. Attorneys Are Only In The Job For The Money

Although lawyers do want to be paid for their work, they have lots of personal investment in their career, as one slip-up can result in a loss of their license forever.

9. You’ll Only See Your Attorney In The Courtroom

If this was true, then there would be no way for an attorney to build your case. A lot of interactions with criminal defence attorneys take place outside of the courtroom, including discussing your case and preparing you for the courtroom.

Don’t believe everything you hear or read about lawyers. Although it may seem like a good joke, attorneys take their professions very seriously, and very few people understand how their world works.


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