Cracking a book to improve our financial knowledge is inevitable to each one of us. Reading the best books on financial literacy is the easiest way to improve our knowledge. You might feel empowered only if you understand everything about money. The more you understand finance, the more you achieve financial freedom. Your empowerment in finance helps you create good habits and decisions. An individual who has financial freedom can have a successful life to a great extent. Hence, financial literacy plays a vital role in your life on the whole. 

The financial literacy goal is achieved by cracking a quality book. You can pick the best books available online or offline for your financial knowledge. There are plenty of informative books by famous financial authors available for you. You can make use of those books for your knowledge empowerment. You can use the resources available to choose the best books to quench your financial knowledge thirst. 

The following financial books help you to learn money earning, spending, and saving activities. If you want to reframe your mindset on money-earning or saving activities, you can go through the below-mentioned books.

The books found here will change the way you perceive money. 

Best Books on Financial Literacy:

1. Rich dad poor dad

The author, Robert Kiyosaki, narrates the importance of financial literacy based on his learning and experiences in his Rich Dad Poor Dad book. He also explained the basic rules and principles of financial freedom in a detailed way. The author speaks about the differences between poor and rich peoples’ approaches in real life to earning and spending money. The key takeaways from his book mesmerize and motivate readers to read the book till the end. He stresses the financial intelligence of each person in his book empathetically. He explains the importance of financial knowledge in a simple way. 

2. The Richest Man In Babylon

This book is well suited to people who are looking for financial wisdom. An individual who has a lean purse must read this book to know the ways of earning money. George S. Clason has authored this book in which he has given in-depth success secrets to personal wealth in a story form. The salient features or key points found in the book are sensational to the readers. The author’s insight on methods to earn money and the five laws of gold are phenomenal. This book will inspire many generations in the future.

3. Stop acting Rich

It is a fantastic book written by Thomas Stanley. This book gives a lot of ways to build wealth. This book is popular due to positive reviews and praise from the media. The book tells us why a poor man remains poor despite the efforts he puts in. The author stresses the importance of a person to stop acting like a rich man. He shows the difference between being rich and acting like a rich man. Indeed, this book is a life-changing one for all people who want to earn money. 

4. The Psychology of Money Paperback – 1

The author, Morgan Housel, has given 19 short stories explaining people’s way of thinking about money in his book. The author delves deep into the methods adopted by people to make financial decisions. The importance of mathematical calculations for making financial decisions is told by the author. Readers who read the book for the first time might have sky-high expectations. The book is about the money, savings, and expenditure of an individual. It also deals with how an individual applies his mind to investment decisions. This book deals with people who like to make wealth from stock market investments. 

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5. The Millionaire Next Door

This book is an eye-opener for many people who want to achieve financial freedom. Thomas Stanley has authored the book in which he has exposed the falseness of millionaires. He also points out the path of millionaires’ to achieve the goals of financial freedom. The author stresses the importance of time and energy to build wealth by an individual in the book. He also explores the importance of the perfect occupation by a person to achieve his financial goals. Grabbing the market opportunities is also explained in this book in nontechnical terms. 

6. Let’s Talk Money: You’ve Worked Hard for It, Now Make It Work for You

This book explains to the reader how to live your dream life without any worries about your bills. The author, Monika Hala, has written this book by having Indian context in mind. The author explains and narrates methods to build your financial stability. She also provides you with pragmatic ways to develop your finance castle. This book helps an ordinary individual who struggles in his life to earn and invest money. The simple ways given in the book may help a reader chase his goals. 

7. Think And Grow Rich 

The author, Napolean Hill, narrates the importance of smart thinking in the book. He gives a lot of importance to the principle of helping yourself. The smart thinking person can reach new heights in his life irrespective of his occupation or business. You will be interested if you note the key features found in the book. Yes, it tells about success secrets to growing your net worth. The author stresses the importance of goal plans and flexibility in changing plans if not compatible. Killing the hesitation to achieve financial goals is the key feature of this book.

8. The legacy of financial literacy: guiding my child to the financial success

This book was written by Jyotinath Ganguly. The author worries a lot about the lack of financial literacy skills among young entrepreneurs or any earners. Hence, he stresses the vital importance of financial knowledge learning to all young learners across the world. This book consists of details and steps to chase financial goals in the life of an individual. By reading this book, a reader shall understand how money works for him for long. So, being financially literate is inevitable for all.

9. The Richest Engineer

Do you like to know the secret to becoming rich? If yes, you can read this book written by Abhishek Kumar. The author explains to the readers the basic methods of becoming rich through income investment. You may have a question on your mind always about becoming rich. The question is “why some people become rich, and some are not” is answered in the book. The author unravels the secret of becoming rich with the help of a story combined with two friends’ conversations. He gives importance to attitude change to become rich.

10. From The Rat Race to Financial Freedom

The author, Manoj Arora, insists on a unique way to establish financial freedom in his book. He emphasizes each one of us to get out of the rat race of earning money. The book gives the idea to the reader to give importance to the personal financial plan. The author has given key points for an individual to construct protective ways of financial growth. The highlight of the book is saving money and investing the same constructively to build wealth. Net worth does not give you financial freedom, as per the author.

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11. How to be Your Own Financial Planner in 10 steps 

Do you like to plan your financial domain on your own? If yes, you must read this book written by Manish Chauhan. The language of the book is not complicated and is simple to readers who want to become independent financial experts. The financial plans are widely accepted and are legitimate to all readers across the world. Insurances, short and long-term financial goals, retirement plans, and other debt planning strategies are explained in the book for the wealth improvement of the readers. The ten financial planner steps are simple and easy to follow.

12. The Simplest Path to Wealth

J.L. Collins has authored this book by keeping the importance of money in his mind. The author explains to readers various strategies to earn money and also accumulation. Yet another major highlight of the book is the steps to avoid debt. Yes, the author narrates the plan to deal with the debt if you have. The book gives you a clear idea about the stock market and its function. Another key feature of the book is the detail about the secret or truth behind social security. You can learn many details about financial independence from this book in-depth.

13. How To Raise Your Own Salary

Do you like to increase your salary on your own? Do you have dreams to gain prestige and wealth in your life? If you say yes to these questions, then this book written by Napoleon Hill is for you. The author has given the basic seventeen principles in his book to achieve your financial goals. He explains to the readers about plans or methods to grow individually. Successful strategies to reach the heights of success are explained in the book. You can make the financial dream come true if you read the book.

14. Your Money Or Your Life

The author of the book, Joseph R.Dominguez, has given nine steps in his book for your financial independence. Yes, you can have a dramatic change in your life financially. The book changes your relationship with money with the nine steps he narrated in his book. The author emphasizes the importance of your connection with your family and friends. You will start thinking about your contribution to the world after reading the book. The author underlines the importance of time factors for an individual more than earnings and spending.

15. The Intelligent Investor

Are you a serious investor in the stock market? If yes, you must read this book written by Benjamin Graham. In his book, the author explains investment planning and strategies to succeed. This book is popular across the world as it deals with value investing. The author narrates the reader to be wise while analyzing the stocks without fear. Yet another valuable teaching is throwing the fear out during stock business. The author advises readers to concentrate on the value of the company instead of media hype. He explains the importance of a diversified portfolio in the stock business. 

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16. Money Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

This book was written by Tony Robbins. This book deals with your goal of financial freedom learning. The author gives seven steps to achieve your financial wisdom goals in his book. The book’s content is based on the world’s best financial experts’ suggestions and advice to become financially independent. The book gives you elaborate details about wealth management and investment based on extensive research by the author. The book tells about the author’s intention to help the readers to earn money with his knowledge. Investors may not miss this book from reading. 

17. Financial Freedom: A Proven Path to All the Money You Will Ever Need 

Grant Sabatier, the author of the book, explains the necessity and ways to earn money at the earliest. The author narrates his own methods to earn money for a financially successful life. This book changes the way you look at life and money on the whole. Yes, the author insists on a unique way of building wealth instead of waiting till retirement age. He is not insisting on traditional ways of earning money, such as 9 to 6 job types. The content is simple and easy to understand by the reader. 

18. Financial Freedom: A Promised Opportunity for You

Do you want to improve your awareness of wealth management and financial freedom? If so, you must not miss reading this book written by Manish Lath and Mukesh Kumar Agrawal. The book gives the confidence for a reader to become financially independent by following the strategies found in the book. The basic principles in the book enlighten your brain to follow a unique style of learning and building wealth. You will be completely immersed in the book once you start reading due to valuable points. 

19. The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness 

This book was written by Dave Ramsey. This book helps people who earn money and who want to earn money. This book helps you to come out of your financial issues wisely. The author’s narration and simple language entice you from the beginning. An individual who wants to become financially secure must not miss the book. You may prepare a financial plan after reading this book. If you require a debt-free life, then this book guides you to the core. The financial plans of the author in this book are practical and logical.

20. Best for Building Wealth: The Automatic Millionaire

Do you want to become a millionaire? Yes, who will no! David Bach, the author of the book, has shown the way to do so. He narrates the possible ways by telling the story of a couple who achieve their financial goals. The author explains the ways to lead a financially independent life through careful planning. This book stresses the importance of smart financial thoughts and actions required to chase goals. The logical steps given in the book entice you to involve yourself in the book. The author’s narration is methodological and pragmatic.


Financial literacy books help you manage your wealth better. The above books empower you to decide independently on financial-related matters. Your confidence level will increase by reading the above books to handle money. You can fulfill your financial goals with the help of steps narrated in the above books.


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