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About Music And Selling

Music is beautiful and inspiring, when people listen to music they get new ideas and inspiration to do good things.

Someone is born to sing, to create great music and write good lyrics.

All this is wonderful, but without money you can’t even start something new or create better music.

That’s why many singers/songwriters sell their music, it’s hard to find the right the right place to sell music online and make some good money on the way.

The competition is hard and bigger with every new day, you need to move fast, to create new songs or audio files and to sell it.

You will not loose anything, that music came from your heart and from your inspiration and selling will not make you feel bad.

Why should you feel bad about selling at all, think about it, you are leaving great music and way of your thinking for the generations to come.

They will maybe not know who wrote it , maybe they will… who knows, but you will make their life better.

They will listen to your music on the work travel, school, bus, everywhere and will say “this music makes me happy, who ever wrote it or create it was great person and had great personality” and that will make you sell some more.

You don’t need to sell our favorite one if you don’t want but create one that will become favorite for someone else.

Selling music and contributing to the world is something great.

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Where to sell music Online and make money?

There is a lots of places where you can sell your music, but couple of the best ones should be enough.

iTunes – let millions of music lovers buy your music.

TuneCore – As a digital music distribution service, you’re able to sell music online with a few simple steps. Keep all your rights.

AmazingTunes – Selling your music should be all about going direct to your fans without the pesky middle-man. When you sell your music on you keep 100% of all sales profits and the money goes straight from your fans to your pocket.

Vibedeck – Sell your music online and keep 100% of sales.

Discogs –  Great place to sell music, it takes fees but not to big, 6-7 % fee when your items sell.

Payloadz – Sell your digital goods, like music, software and more.

AudioJungle – At AudioJungle you can buy and sell royalty-free music and sound effects. The site is home to a bustling community of audio composers and producers.

Restorm – a place where your music will become more visible to your listeners and fans, a place where your dreams and reality are becoming a one.


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