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I know how some games can be addictive, and sometimes you just wonder ” since I’m investing this much time in game, can I get some benefit from it at least”. You can now, you can play the game,broadcast it live and earn money from it.

Don’t just spend time playing and not helping anyone else, if you are really passionate about what you do then you can find value in this post.

Playing game and being able to enjoy sometimes is not enough, imagine that you can build the community around the game you play and around yourself and then using that power to enrich yourself and others.

If you like helping other people, then it’s even better, helping, building community and earning money while doing it all is just out from this world, right.

The History 

This website is called TwitchTv, and it’s not some of those sites that you worry about, in the way of security and all other legal stuff.

TwitchTv is started by JustinTv team, and you all heard for JustinTv, the place for live broadcasting and more.

The idea came from the growing of the JustinTv gaming community and the team begins devoting resources to gaming broadcasters, content, and community.

In june of 2011 JustinTV launches TwitchTV, a new brand and standalone site dedicated to helping people connect around the games they love.

And it was a great idea, people liked it from the start,”who wouldn’t” you get paid to broadcast how you play games and your expertise in gaming.

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By the August 2011, TwitchTV attracts 8 Million unique viewers per month and continues growing quickly.

How It Works?

It’s simple, I must say and very easy to start, you apply, start streaming, run commercials on your broadcasts from their partners, and you collect the money from your own work.


To qualify as a TwitchTV Partner, you must meet…
BOTH of the following requirements:

  • Views per month: 30,000+
  • Average concurrent viewers: 300+

Or EITHER of the following requirements:

  • Views per month: 100,000+
  • Average concurrent viewers: 400+

These requirements are general guidelines. Exceptions are handled on a case by case basis at TwitchTV’s discretion.

For newcomers to live-streaming

Aspiring TwitchTV partners who have not yet streamed live content are also encouraged to apply. Simply meet the following criteria with regard to pre-recorded content (using YouTube as an example):

  • Average views per video: 15,000+
  • Subscribers: 100,000+

If you are not currently creating any video content elsewhere, feel free to still apply. Tell us more about your presence in the gaming community, what you plan to broadcast, and if there are any other things about you that would make you a good partner (e.g. “I’m huge on Twitter!”, “I’ve been a competitive Quake player since 2005”, etc.). Please include those in your application.

About Ad Revenue

Ad revenue for each month is paid at the end of the next month (e.g., August revenue is paid in the last week of September). If you have not accumulated $100 of ad revenue in the month, however, the balance will be carried over to the next month and you will receive a check when you have accumulated at least $100.

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Revenue earned can be sent through paypal, a USD check in the mail, or sent through wire transfer.

Go ahead and make money online broadcasting and playing games, TwichTv is trusted and is here to stay.



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