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The domain name is one of the biggest decisions a blogger can make. When building anything in life you must always start with the foundation. With internet blogging it is no different. When you create your first website, the first thing people will notice is the domain name. Now choosing the right domain name is no easy feat, so that’s why I created these rules to help make the domain selection process a little easier.

Use your Sexiest Keywords

If you are like many bloggers you will configure your website to receive the best SEO as possible. One way to do this is by using your one of keywords in the domain name. When you are deciding on the domain name think about the type of website you are creating. For example, Brian from Copyblogger illustrates this perfectly. He is a copywriting powerhouse online and receives a lot of organic traffic from Google. Type in the word copywriting and this is generally what you will see. His website is number one for that keyword and he generates a lot of traffic just by the domain name alone.

Brand your Website

Don’t just choose some random name that doesn’t correlate with your website. Choose a name that you can be proud of in the long run. If you want long-term standing within the blogsphere use something that is catchy and that will last in the internet world. Something that is catchy and with a nice pronunciation to it will usually get the job done.

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Keep it Short and Sweet

If you haven’t heard this before then I will be happy to relay the message and that is “Good Domain Names are short???. Just like with most things in life no one wants to be on the receiving of a long drawn out message. When you use a short domain name it makes it easier for users to remember and spell. If no one can spell your domain then they might put a damper on your traffic.

Use the .com Extension

A .com domain name is always the best way to go. It is the most popular and well known extensions there is on the internet. Most people always think of websites using the .com domain so you will be on the right track. A lot of the times users will type in the wrong extension and be directed to somewhere else. People using other extensions have to be mindful that they can potentially lose users when using other extensions. That’s why it’s best to just keep it simple and use what everyone is already familiar with.

Things to Steer clear of


Difficult spelling words or phrases

Hyphens and other symbols

There is always an exception to the rules but I would highly advise you not to use any of the suggestions listed.

If you really need help with creating Domain need here is a list of domain generators that can help you or at least give you some insight.


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