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Money is tight this time of year. Holiday bills and tax season coming up means less money in your pocket and more stress when it comes to financial matters. Maybe you’ve tried to pick up some extra shifts at work to no avail, or maybe those extra shifts just aren’t enough. Maybe your business isn’t making enough money (if that’s the case,  you should check out Yodle client reviews and see if online marketing could help your business). Whatever the reasoning is, you recognize that you need money, and you need money fast. If you’re in a bind for cash, there are easy ways to make money that you may not know about. Check out these tips to make money in your spare time, and be on the road to financial relaxation again!

Amazon Mechanical Turk

The Amazon Mechanical Turk is an interesting way to essentially make as much money as you want by completing a variety of different tasks. The MTurk is an Internet marketplace where companies use crowd sourcing to get humans to complete tasks that computers typically can’t. Once you sign up for MTurk, you can begin to browse certain tasks and complete the tasks on your own time. The tasks range from simple things like transcribing business cards to complex things like transcribing five hours worth of video. For the smaller tasks, sometimes only a few pennies are paid, while the larger, more complicated tasks may pay hundreds of dollars. You usually have to become certified to complete larger tasks, but if you plan on doing a lot of work for MTurk it’s worth it because you can make a lot of money. Check out MTurk, and start making some easy money today!

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While you may not be able to earn actual cash with Swagbucks, you will be able to earn various gift cards and rewards that are as good as cash (if you’re spending a ton of money each week on Starbucks, you should probably just use a gift card anyways). Swagbucks allows users to earn virtual currency which can be translated into real life rewards. Basically, you’ll earn the currency by doing a lot of the things you regularly do online, like search the web, take surveys, shop, and even play games. Once you have earned a lot of Swagbucks (which the virtual currency is called) you can redeem them for gift cards from places like Amazon, Target, iTunes, among others. Swagbucks has paid its users more than $27 million dollars to date, making it a great place to earn some free money.


Gigwalk is an app available for smart phones that let you earn money by performing easy “gigs??? as you go about your day. The app uses your location to post available gigs to you, and they range from completing in store audits to posting flyers. You must apply for the gigs, so the more time you spend using the app the more you can make. It’s a fantastic, easy way to earn some extra cash just by walking around your city!

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