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Money makes the mare go – so goes a famous saying. Today, we find almost everyone literally living their lives by this saying. People live to earn and not earn to live. Our life starts with the early morning alarm bell and ends with exhaustion. Our day goes in juggling travel woes, fighting to achieve targets, and balancing expectations. People are worn out and end up quitting jobs, struggling to discover something that’s better suited to their interests. 

Even if you don’t have a job, you can stop whiling away your precious time and READ ON. Today we will share with you some extremely easy and scam free ways to earn money, all of which can be pursued from your home, via the Internet.

For the Writer in You

If you have the passion for writing and want readers for your books, you can easily publish your book using Kindle Direct Publishing Platform. By this, you can publish your digital book directly to Amazon. Don’t believe us? Well, 18-year-old blogger Thomas Strock recently published his own Kindle books and earned about $6716.05 in a month. So, dust those cobwebs from your brain, and fulfill your dream of becoming a professional writer. It’s a golden opportunity, go, grab it!


You can also publish your interesting articles on Squidoo (Now HubPages). It is a revenue sharing article writing website. The writers receive their quota of income from the ads they place in their articles.


Starting your own blog is the most sort after way by all the writers. Use pictures to illustrate your article, make it come alive by using examples and narrations. Millions of people around the world connect to you through your blog.

Writing at the Examiner

It is a platform for online writing. The best part of this website is there is flexibility to write on the issues that interest you. The pay depends on the number of hits your story receives.


Sites like Kontera place ads within the content of your website whereby they automatically hyperlink certain words with relevant advertisements.

Social Spark

The site called Social Spark by IZEA Media allows bloggers to earn cash for writing about a variety of products or experiences. This site also offers rewards or free trips for your write-ups.

Google Adsense

As the name suggests, Adsense means placing advertisements on your website and making money. So, you place an ad on your website relevant to the content of the website and accordingly you get paid when the ad is displayed or clicked on. It is as simple and easy as it sounds.

YouTube Videos

We all enjoy watching videos on YouTube. They are of different genre like comedy, tragic, horror etc. If you have an interesting Video, don’t keep it to yourself. Give it a try and share it on YouTube. Believe it or not, blogger Pewdiepie gained around $4 million in a year just by posting interesting videos on So, go ahead, push your luck a little, you never know, your video might become the next viral sensation of the world.


It is the world’s largest freelancing website. It is a place where the world’s best businesses and independent professionals meet each other and collaborate. From web developers, mobile developers, customer service agents to accountant and consultants and even writers – there is enough work for all. Login today, find a gig and make some Paypal money.

Fiverr – A gateway for your talent

Many times we waste our talent doing mundane jobs. But not anymore. is a gateway to showcase your talent, find work and earn satisfactory money. As they say, satisfaction is the key to success and your talent is your road to leading a satisfied life and earning from it.

Of photos and More

In today’s world, everyone is a cameraman, where precious moments are at the click of our thumb. This too is an earning opportunity on the internet. You can sell your photos or vector illustrations as stock artwork on sites like istockphotos. Here you can discover royalty-free images, illustrations,and videos that will make you stand out.


If you are good at making websites, go ahead and make one on Flippa. You can then sell your website when in need of cash.

Let’s say you have come up with a potentially profitable domain name and created your own dot com site. When in need of money you can list it on GoDaddy Auctions and sell your dot com name.


Linkshare, as the name suggests, allows the customers to buy products through your links. However, you have to seek initial approval in their programs to place your links.


Is teaching your passion and you want to make some extra income, you can teach your way to success. If you have specialized skills you can teach an online course for people who are willing to pay.


Teespring allows you to create unique campaigns in order to sell custom apparel. You get to choose the color and type of item you would like to sell and add a design. After creating the design, you can set a price for the Tee-shirt and choose a sales goal. No orders are processed, manufactured, or shipped until the sales goal is reached or surpassed.

Concluding Remarks

This was ourbucket list of the most effective ways to earn money online. With a little patience and hard work, earning money off the Internet is a piece of cake.

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