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It seems like this title came from a song or a movie, and it’s actually true, I heard this sentence in one song, but it was related to music. The artist uses his music to eat and pay all of his bills, in my case it’s blogging, if you think this blog is here just to share some posts and disappear like most of them, you’re wrong.

In January it will be 3 years since I started, and it’s my baby, my pride in this online world. It’s paying my bills, it’s my full time job with some other sites that I run, and I love what I do.

I respect my visitors, readers, my business partners and advertisers, and I thank you all for being with me all these years and I know that we will work together for many more years.

Even if I would not make a dime from this blog it would still be online, there are just too many memories and time spent here that I don’t intend ever to stop doing what I’m doing right now.

Blogging Pays my Bills!

There are too many fake bloggers out there, it doesn’t mean if you see their real face and know their real name that they are legitimate. You never saw my real face over these past couple of years and I’m still here providing you with the best ways to make money online and to improve your financial and business life.

How many of those “Tech” or “Make Money Online” Bloggers are still here, still online, that’s right, the numbers are getting lower. You know why? Because blogging doesn’t pay their bills, it’s just some on the side opportunity and it’s cool to be a blogger these days.

They came online just to promote the newest and shady blackhat or low quality products, they create one page blog and they are gone after month or two.

That’s not why am I here, if you see my posts, there are over 920 on this blog right now, some are written by my guest authors and business partners and I thank them for that. But most of them I wrote with my ten fingers and my laptop, I researched the topics like a slave and I found best sites for you and me to make money online.

Blogging is the Full Time Job!

Wow, it suddenly became hot here in my home office, even knowing that it’s October, I’m getting inspired by this post, and I’m probably going to write it for another hour or two, but it doesn’t matter. I decided to expose this whole industry a bit.

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Blogging is my full time job, I make money online just by publishing posts online and hanging out on social media sites. I provide value from time to time, nobody is perfect to write every single day, sometimes our concentration is a bit lower, after all, we are all just humans.

But it’s my full time job and I’m going to do anything to provide you with the info, not like some other website online. Once it becomes your full time job you will get it serious. And it can be your full time job, if I can do it, you can do it too, blogging is all about writing and providing value.

For me, blogging and my visitors are one of the reason I get up early in the morning and I go to sleep late in the evening. I’m doing this because I know that someone some day will read this and it will help him to improve his life for better.

It’s possible to work online and it’s possible to make money blogging, maybe this sounds like the keyword stuffing, but I’m not writing this because of the search engines like Google. Search engines left us, regular folks long time ago. Just look at their first page results after all these updates, more and more scam is showing higher in search results.


“Make Money Online” and “Blogging”

I admit that I made some mistakes from my side when I started, I wanted to win the whole “Make Money Online” niche. But then the community became the part of me, I became more aware. Which I cannot say for all of these other people. Let just look at the first page of Google for the “How to Make Money Online” keyword.

And here it is:

how to make money online   Google Search


And it’s just shame to see results like these, and this is why blogging became harder and harder, many turned to blackhat tactics. But for how long Google is going to ignore this and don’t pay attention. Just see that spammy video on the first page, it’s a disgrace that a video that lasts for a minute and a half with payed actor to rank for this keyword.

But this all forced people to turn to other sources of traffic like social media and email lists, and I’m about to tell you more about it in the paragraph you see below, just keep reading.

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How to Really Make Money Online and Use Blogging the Right Way.

What to do when you can’t trust Search Engines like Google anymore, how to keep Blogging your full time job or how to keep working from home and making money online? This is what I’ve been trying to tell you from the beginning of this post.

You need to start your own email newsletter and you need to start using social media, but don’t make a fool of yourself and just hangout there because you will end up without anything. Help the community but always have think on how to make more leads, that’s the whole reason why we need email lists and social media.

Since our SE are full of spammy results, we need to use tools like Aweber, MailChimp and GetResponse and to start building our email lists. You know that money is in the list, well that’s true, hanging out on social media needs to lead to list building.

That’s how most of today’s marketers and bloggers  are making money, including me. You can visit sites like WarriorPlus, ClickShare, Commission Junction, ClickBank, jvzoo and others and start promoting products or sell your own digital products to your list.

Forget about other ways of making money like selling on ebay, it’s useful but it takes time, and you need a ton of products, physical ones. While with blogging and internet marketing, making this your full time job can take just a month or two with huge returns.

Blogging is here to share tips and stories like the one I’m writing right now, it can become a great leverage for future ventures. The real money lies in the list and the product you create, if you’re a blogger, create an ebook and become a best selling author using your list.

Working online is like working offline, the only difference is this huge market, you can do whatever you want.

Real People Who Made Money Online With Blogging and Internet Marketing

You probably heard for John Chow or Frank Kern, if not, google them, or should I just say, look up on Bing, because Google is doomed right now. John chow for example has list of around 200,000 people I think, and he reported making around $40,000 a month thanks to his list and blog.

Frank Kern made around $1 Million dollars in one hour, just by sending his email list of 100,000 people one email. It doesn’t matter what type of email it was, but I’m sure that it was valuable, probably some kind of digital product. Here is the video of Frank making that money by noon, click here.

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How to Use Social Media?

Don’t just tweet, help people asking questions on sites like quora or yahoo answers, use twitter to create leads and create facbook pages to stay in touch with your customers and fans.

After all social media is here to help us connect and share our experience. Time is our the most precious possessions, use Linkedin to make leads out of your connections not just online friends.

I know that many other professionals would wrote an ebook about social media, but I will say you this, it’s the ungrateful industry and it changes fast, if you’re not hanging on social media sites all the time they will forget you and in one week your business could again be on the very beginning.

Stay smart and use social media to create leads and create email list with prospects you can connect over and over again no matter if you’re there or not.

Maybe some social media experts will be angry on me for telling this, but there is no so much to tell, all you need to know is in these couple of sentences I created for you.

How to Create a Blog?

Use tools like wordpress, joomla or drupal, if you don’t want to learn all of those CMS systems, use blogspot or tumblr instead. It doesn’t matter what you use as long as you know what you’re doing and what you want to do online. If you want to create another social network or next 9gag, just do it. Internet is full of opportunities, I could for example use this post to create a shor eboo kand sell it for $5 online using tools like gumroad, sellfy, or pulleyapp.

The End…

I hope that you see the bigger picture right now, and after all of this, I must say that blogging is hard job to do, but once you manage to skip all the hype you see around you’re on your way.

I honestly don’t know what to write about anymore in this post, my brain is tired and I’m loosing concentration. But, check around on my blog in archive if you want to learn more on making money online and making blogging pay your bills.

If you have any questions just drop me a comment, and thank you for reading till the end.



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