Have you ever experienced the possibility of travelling and having the time of your life, but you just could not due to the massive work volume that would be waiting you home years from now? Well, we really know how it feels! As far as we know, we must not turn our working place or job into that one thing to drive us live our lives in that one single place, just because it is not the case.


A job is, and should definitely be that one thing that provides you with the monthly source of venue to help you satisfy your needs and wishes! But definitely, definitely one thing to stop you from doing what you want to be. In this case, I managed to come up with a quick and easy guide on showing you how can travelling turn into a perfect working sanctuary for anyone of you!


Online working – On Flight/ On train/ On the car working!

Believe it or not, there are hundreds of possibility to turn your vacation or holiday into a source of venue. For instance, in case you have a lot to do at your office but apparently you have been chosen to represent the company abroad on a 5-day summit, there it is! Take you laptop, do not forget the plugin, internet connection and you are good to go! Wherever you want, it is possible to work from a certain place – and who would say no to a 1-hour online working and the rest 23 hours being for spending them just as of your own taste?

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Blogging? Oh, welcome to the sweetest world…

For years now, I used to admire bloggers. And who would not? They get the best out of this country, while travelling, staying at fabulous hotels and eating what the richest do! Well, in case you wish to enroll to the blogging platform, you should know how close you are to turn travelling into a business, not only pleasure!


Relaxation – ZEN

Taking a vacation is for most of us, a bringing back to life package. We are all waiting for that period of the year, month or week when we want to take a break from the daily routine. This is exactly why relaxation is, in one word, a dream – the dream we are all dreaming, turning so travelling into a sanctuary and into a working sanctuary when having our batteries back in place!




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