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Jobs that are sought and practice as passion are those who last forever. Even though this might seem to be a general quotation, there are certain fields in which in order to enroll, you have to be very passionate about and ready to make some compromises. It is also the case of flight attendants, the job position, which requires both passion and determination as the two key elements to get you going. Besides the attractive salary package, all flight attendants can fly with their company free to any place of the world. Still, this career involves more than just the need for money – since the competition is tough and you need to always keep up your smile and calm no matter what. These being said, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines in order to see how can you become a flight attendant!

  1. Know EVERYTHING about what the Job implies

Due to the difficult admission requirements, the competition is fierce and knowing all of the details might help you be in advantage. Any flight attendant represent a safety provider, who offers services in the domains of caregivers and customer service. Throughout the flight, they help the passengers to keep calm and make sure that they are stable on the plane. One of the main aspects of this job highlights the idea that they work with people, while always keeping a smile upon their face (no matter the situation they are into). Some of their responsibilities are as follow:

  • Greet each passenger as he enters and leaves the plane;
  • Verify each passenger’s ticket and make sure everyone is in their correct seats;
  • Provide the passengers with all the information required with respect to the airline’s safety procedures and offer a presentation each time before the airplane leaves;
  • Provide beverage and food services for free (if they are included in the ticket price) or for certain prices (if they are not included in the ticket price or the passengers wish for other services than the ones included in the price);
  • Answer the questions and come up with solutions for each and every requirement;
  • In case of need, provide the passengers with first aids or any other medical requirements.
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  1. Know Both the advantages and the disadvantages of being a Flight Attendant

Any flight attendant is entitled to know both the benefits and the drawbacks before starting this career. Since the beginning is not that bright and shinny anywhere, the starting salary of a flight attendant goes up to $18,000 (which is very low, in comparison with other job fields). Still, as time goes by, the salary increases, and the remaining part of the salary package include also the following: free flights (with the same company) for the flight attendants and great discounts for their families, a “per diem??? incentive of $2 to $3 per hour worked and cover for various other incidental and unexpected expenses and even $72 per day in case they are away from home. Talking about the drawbacks, any flight attendant will feel, at a certain point, the effects of always being on the plane and the way it affects their health.

  1. Qualifications for the Job

Physical requirements: Most flight attendants are, in some way, ambassadors for their company. It means that they represent the image, thus the physical requirements need to be surely met if you aim to be in their team. The difference between the numbers of them is explained by the size of the company, which means that the highly paying ones imply a higher competition and more difficult necessities to be met. Some of the basic ones are as follows:

  • Height range: 5’0 to 5’1 or 5’8 to 6’3;
  • Minimum age: 18 or 21; maximum age is not a criteria;
  • No requirements regarding weight.
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Own a GED: In comparison with other job fields, becoming a flight attendant do not require to own a Bachelor’s Degree of a Master’s Degree, yet you must have your GED. Since the minimum age is 18 years old, no one is ever going to request you any other diploma, because you would not have been able to meet other requirements based on your age. In addition, any other necessary aspects will be presented to you as soon as you are accepted in the company.

Have a good way with People: Unlike IT people, flight attendants are always working with and for people, which means that being able to conduct a conversation and offer trust to the interlocutor are two main things that will assure you of your success. In addition, another extremely important highlight of the job regards the ability to keep your smile upon your face at all times, no matter how harsh the situation becomes.


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