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Every once in a while, throwing a party might seem a good idea. Relaxing, dancing and forgetting the small daily problems is exactly what one needs in order to be happy – and delighted. Still, each part of an event is pretty expensive, which means that a lot of money are required for the dream to be seen in reality. Although you might ask for a well renowned DJ to come and mix up your party, in reality things might be rather different from what you expect – since they are very expensive. In other words, we got some interesting alternatives to give you a hand with that. These being said, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines in order to see how to DJ your own party – with no help from second parts!

  1. Know the Price

If it was to hire a DJ at your party, you would need to have in your pockets a sum between $400 and $600. For most of us, this is not a small price, since they mix some music for one or two hours and that is all – easy money for them, hard working money for you. Still, those money are well explained. Just think how much they have to take with them from one place to the other, and you will understand that each equipment (both for mixing and for lightning) are worth enormously. The price for each of them is very high, and the effort too. All in all, the price is quite explainable. Still, as soon as you follow our steps, you will most probably understand how these money could be saved up.

  1. Set Up the Playlist
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Before even thinking of starting the party, prepare yourself. The best way to do it is by knowing in advance how the playlist is going to look like – what are the chosen songs, how long each one of them takes, how long is the entire night and so on, so forth. Once you know all of these things, it will be so much easier for you to organize everything – and trust me, you will love what you do!

  1. Know the Tools

Mixing some songs is possible once you know the tools that you will need. In other words, you will need more just a software to get you going – you will need an iPod, a laptop or even a phone. Once you have added all the songs in a file, just save it and name it the way you like it. By this way, it will be easier for you to fiind it and then move it to any of the previously mentioned devices. In addition, just bear in mind that using these tools your party will be on – wih no additional need to ask for an expensive DJ to keep up the party!

  1. Put Down any Good Song

There are various ways through which you could note down the songs that you are most in love with. One of the easiest and best of all is through Shazam – this app is bound to help you name the songs that you are hearing, but feel unable to find them through no other ways. Once you install it, you hit Shazam and in ten seconds you have the song. Still, remember that you need to be connected to a Wi-Fi device in order to work – just the way you wish it would. With every song, you are closer to creating the best file to put during your party – and surprise your guests in such a great way!

  1. Find the Right App
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DJ-ing your own party is way easier and more fun when you have the right apps at ydour hands. One of the most useful ones is Djay, an application that gives you some freedom in regards to using special effects and two virtual turntables. By hitting these, you can master each beat and each moment, filling them with the sounds that seem the most rightful to you. On the other hand, it is better to try it on from time to time, so that until the party starts, you really know how to handle each pixel from the display. For the best outcome, bear in mind to find the right application for you – even though it might mean that you will have to try out more and only at the end choose the one that suits you best. Still, trust me – it will be all worth it, as soon as you will see all the people with a big bright smile on their faces. Now, it is up to you on what application to use – which one will you choose?


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