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Have you ever wondered how can one categorize its boss whether it is bad or good? As far as a well known study has revealed, more than 77% of the people in the world have declared that they do have bad bosses who manage them. Yet, how far could one go when saying whether or not his boss is good? In case you wish to know how to tell if your boss is great, and never do mistakes or misjudgement again, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines!


Your Boss can Communicate Easily

Asertiveness is the number one key to a perfect communication with your boss. If he knows how to work on it, you are a happy employee! There are few bosses in the world today having this advantage in their hands, but there exist. So, the next time when you categorize your boss, make sure to measure its asertiveness – you just might be amazed!


Your Boss knows how to repay a Sacrifice

When you do your job well, there is no better sattisfaction than receiving compliments to your work. And these should be said and done by your boss, the one that is ought to know how to repay your sacrifices for the job. If a boss does not say at least thank you or express just how great you are, he isn’t great either!


Your Boss Doesn’t Meet with you Often

Now, this is just the very first thing to keep in mind when deciding whether or not your boss is great. If he doesn’t wish to see your face too often in his office, good to you! You have just won to yourself a great boss, since he knows that those meetings are often useless. And, on top of that, gets on the nerves of anyone!

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Your Boss gives you Immediate Feedback

Yes, you’ve heard that well! If your boss is the kind of man who gives you immediate feedback, just let me tell you how lucky you are to be able to work with one of the greatest men on Earth. He definitely knows whether or not a good is bad or good, reason why you’ll hear from him in a bit. This thing is called experience and that is what a boss should come with, on the first hand, no matter what others say!


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